London: Increase In Crime Rate Linked To Increase In Migration


The changing diversity in London’s
population has led to significant increase in crime rate. 

According to the New Observer,
official police statistics showed that at least 754 violent attacks occur in
London daily and that crime overall continues to rise at the alarming rate of
over ten percent every six months.

125,190 thefts reported ( January to
June 2018-105 596); 108,084 assaults and violent attacks (January to June
2018-1102 829);  61,497 vehicle offenses
(January to June 2018-54 056);  40 409
burglaries (January to June 2018-39 442); 
28,067 arson and criminal damage incidents (January to June 2018-28
430); 9,998 sexual offenses (January to June 2018-10 109).

In total, the number of crimes for
the period January to June 2019 was 448,309 compared to 407,354 in the first
six months of June 2018, which represents a ten percent increase.

The number of murders committed in
the same six-month period totalled 67 with majority of those murdered being
black and mixed-race. 

Incidents of gang- related violence
in African communities have also spiked in suburban London.

Black knife crimes in London and other
nonwhite crimes are on the rise as well. In 2017 for example, there were 465
acid attacks recorded by the Metropolitan Police, compared with just 77 in

Majority of these crimes have been
linked to the rising number of immigrants or multiracial Londoners.

Migration significantly decreased the
number of ethnic Britons, despite the sharp increase in the capital’s overall
population.  According to the national
statistics, the latest data show that 37 % of the city’s population are

The city has the highest proportion
of Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists, with the largest number of such
residents coming from India. The numbers of black, Asian and multiracial
Londoners born in the UK have significantly increased in the past decade.

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