Leftists protest against “homophobic” DUP but silent on Islam


The UK general election will go down as an event that has spectacularly displayed the irony of the left. Apart from the fact that the left is unable to comprehend a democratic decision made by the people (we say this in Brexit too), this election has proved a decades-old criticism of the left regarding its lack of mathematical ability. British leftists have flaunted their ignorance yet again, this time by celebrating the fact that they lost the election. To make matters worse, leftists have protested against the Conservatives’ decision to form a minority government with the apparently “homophobic” Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

The DUP is a right-wing Northern Irish party that is soon expected to finalise its coalition with the Tories, with its leader already having held talks with Theresa May at 10 Downing Street yesterday. Naturally, the fact that the Tories will be in government for five more years has not gone down well with the left, which means ordinary citizens have to put up with leftist protests, disruptions and other shenanigans that take their triggered rampages to the next level.

What has been most ridiculous with regards to these protests is the condemnation of the DUP as anti-gay and anti-women simply because they oppose the expansion of gay rights and the legalisation of abortion. Organisers chanted usual leftist phrases such as “racist, sexist, anti-gay DUP has got to go”, conjuring up images of anti-Trump protests that used a similar line. Another play with words that was heard in the protests was “Pray the DUP away”, referring to the conservative argument that homosexuality can be cured.

Yet, interestingly, the left is rendered as lacking when it comes to homosexuality and Islam. In fact, the left is at the forefront of promoting Islamic immigration to Western countries despite the risk it poses to those who are openly same-sex attracted. It was only last year that headlines were made in both left-leaning and right-leaning media organisations about polls showing 52% of British Muslims believing homosexuality should be illegal. Where were the left-wing protests then?

In a similar light, the feminists may be rustled by the DUP’s anti-abortion stance, but feminists were nowhere to be seen when the aforementioned polls revealed that 39% of British Muslims believed women should always obey their husbands. It appears the accepting of people who believe women are inferior to men is not at odds with feminists. What is most surprising is that these feminists prefer the real misogynists over a right-wing political party that tries to protect the innocent lives of children.

One protester said, “I’ve never seen people more hateful in my life.” Trying to prevent the decline of society and people’s freedoms through the expansion of gay rights is somehow hateful according to the ignorant left. Defending the right to life of unborn children is also deemed as hateful to such apparently ardent supporters of human rights. This is the current state of the left, where a degenerate political movement has further sunk to lower levels through their support for Islam over a conservative political party.

For the right, however, a coalition with the DUP is a welcome turn of events in a disappointing general election. For the Conservatives, a deal with a truly socially conservative party that supports Brexit, albeit a soft version, may turn out well in the long run, and it may help the Tories get back on track and actually appeal to the people they are meant to represent. The leftwards drift of major centre-right parties in all Western countries has been a troubling phenomenon to say the least, yet this new direction with the DUP should actually help the Tories stay true to their original beliefs. In fact, one could even argue that it’s better to have a coalition with the DUP than have those seats taken up by the Tories, assuming that the former will help the latter regain its identity and strength.

The left’s curious infatuation with a religion that kills gays and simultaneous opposition to a right-wing political party is, unsurprisingly, what we expect from those that brought forth social decline. This may mean the silent majority will further distance itself from the left. However, such complacency is ill-informed when considering the fact that Labour’s greatest supporters were young people, which draws apocalyptic images of the future of society. What the right can do is continue pointing out the flaws of its opponents and persist in persuading society to vote for the right side.

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