Leftist Filmmaker Michael Moore Says He Cries Every Day


Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during a promotional tour for his upcoming documentary, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore has admitted the items in the news cycle cause him to cry on a daily basis.

Initially a project involving Moore’s good friend and fellow leftist, disgraced sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein, the new documentary is titled Farenheit 11/9 (referencing both Moore’s previous 9/11 film and the date Trump was elected). “There is no greater part of what we can do right now than to have the power to bring Michael Moore to a mass audience,” said the Weinsteins when the project was announced in early 2017.

Colbert asked Moore, “We’ve got a gerrymandered congress, because of the electoral college essentially a gerrymandered presidency, and therefore you end up with a gerrymandered Supreme Court, so where does this go?”

After asking in response whether he could ask Colbert something personal, Moore said,“When you read the paper every day or you watch the news, do you ever cry? I mean, do you ever tear up?” Colbert replied “sure”, to which Moore responded “It happens to me every day.” He later went on to say “when I see those children down in Brownsville I don’t see them as somebody else’s children, I see them as my children.”

Now of course it is perfectly acceptable for men to cry, and even to publicly discuss their crying in a limited set of circumstances. But if you are crying every day over reading the current hysterical media narratives in a way that you didn’t for the 8 years Obama’s administration was droning civilians in the Middle East, and if you see other people’s children from other countries as indiscernible from your own (nonexistant) children (Moore is childless), you probably shouldn’t be the one attempting to shepherd the masses into “putting their bodies on the line” to overthrow the current Presidency. You probably need to seek some emotional counselling.

Moore attempted to channel his emotion into a radical populist message, after noting he thinks Democrats are “too wimpy” (“‘Oh, okay, we’ll take half of universal healthcare’”, he mocked.) “When are people going to get off the couch? When are we gonna rise up?

“Trump loves the idea of President for life …” Moore claimed, implying a populist uprising would be necessary to prevent Trump declaring himself the eternal Emperor of the United States.

Colbert, who has previously identified as a fan of Marxism openly, seemed to be attempting to tame Moore’s message, sensing the populist nature of it.

But Moore wouldn’t be held back. “I do know, that people will rise up because what would you do each of you in the audience, if they snatched your child from you and put the-[unintelligible]- how would you respond to that? That’s how we all have to start responding, and you speak of Christianity, this so called Christian country, it’s a majority Christian country, if we actually start acting that way, if we start acting the way we were taught in Catholic school or bible school or wherever you were taught, we will have a better country.”

Moore was previously vocal about the Russian collusion investigation, but has more recently suggested it is a “shiny object to distract us” since it became apparent that he attended and promoted an anti-Trump rally organised by Russian agents indicted by Robert Mueller for attempting to influence the 2016 election.


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