Lauren Southern completely humiliates Leftist protesters in Adelaide


The Australian tour of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molynuex hasn’t been a happy time for the local extreme Left.

In their heartland of Melbourne they could barely scrape a hundred people together to try and “shut down” a speaking event with over eight hundred paying attendees; in Perth they could only muster twenty five lonely protesters (if that) who found themselves outnumbered thirty or forty to one.

Last night in Adelaide was probably the most humiliating of the lot. Not only did they only assemble a grand total of six protesters, but when those protesters finally got a chance to talk to Lauren Southern (the object of their hatred) they made complete and utter fools of themselves.

Even worse than that the video of their self-beclownment was shared around the world and has now been viewed over a quarter of a million times.

Please watch this; it’s one of the funniest things you’ll see all year I promise.

Not only that, but the leftists then published an edited version of the video on their own website that magically managed to cut out the most embarrassing parts of the exchange.

Uh… guys, you can’t do that, we have the internet now. If you post a video that deliberately edits out the part where you looked like retarded robots with half flat batteries people are going to notice.

For those reaching their data limit, the exchange went something like this:

Yankee Soy Boy: You.. You are a crowd of wealthy.. white..

Shouty-Girl: I’m a refugee… can I just ask why you’re such a racist dog..

Lauren Southern: What evidence do you have for that?

Shouty-Girl: No.. you..

Lauren Southern: Do you have any evidence for it?

Shouty-Girl: Youre just a racist dog

Lauren Southern: Do you have any evidence?

Shouty-Girl: Youre just a racist dog

Lauren Southern: Do you have any evidence?

Shouty-Girl: No all of these Incels (Involuntary Celibates, slang for someone who can’t get laid).

Lauren Southern: One?… One bit of evidence?

Shouty-Girl: Racist dogs!

Lauren Southern: I’d like one bit of evidence

Shouty-Girl: Racist dog.. that’s all.

Yankee Soy Boy: The evidence.. the evidence… the evidence is that you’re yelling over… a refugee! (telling her) that she can’t tell who a racist is!

Lauren Southern: Refugee isn’t a race

(moment of stunned silence, Yankee Soy Boy stands shocked with mouth agape)

Yankee Soy Boy: Oh OK what is a race! Tell us what a race is!

Lauren Southern: A race is a skin colour, an identity a…

(Both yelling and waving their arms) A race is a skin colour! Racist dog! Racist Dog! Racist Dog!

(Lauren Southern looks at the camera, barely containing her laughter)

Yankee Soy Boy: That’s racism!

Shouty-Girl: You’re a racist dog!

Lauren Southern: So you tell me what a race is?

Shouty-Girl: All these people are f*cking Nazis, you’re all Incels

Yankee Soy Boy: (waving arms in the air) She asked for evidence! And then she said race is a skin colour! Evidence! Evidence! Evidence! There’s your evidence!

Shouty-Girl: You all dress like sh*t, you all dress like sh*t because women won’t sleep with you!

Lauren Southern: (to camera) I guess they got me… I guess Race isn’t a skin colour.


Amazing hey?

People online were genuinely questiong whether or not it was a set up by Lauren. Neutral observers around the world genuinely found it difficult to believe that anyone could legitimately be that stupid.

But you know what the really hilarious part is?

Initially the far Left actually thought they won this exchange.

If you ever want to get into their mindset remember that until they got feedback from the real world outside their bubble they actually thought this “conversation” made them look good.

When they initially posted their version online Left wing extremists from around the country congratulated the two doofuses involved on their wit, humour and bravery.

Of course the vast majority of people around the world disagreed:

Tom Tanuki the “Comedian” who came up with the brilliant idea of screaming “Racist Dog” at people he disagrees with is now trying to furiously save face online by claiming that looking like complete morons was all a part of the “Yelling At Racist Dogs” game-plan.

Oh dear Tom. I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s going to work.

Tom at his computer

But if encouraging Australian radical Leftists to turn themselves into a global laughingstock is his master plan, then on behalf of all of us on the Australian Right Tom, please do continue.

After all there are still the Brisbane and Sydney shows to go.

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