Justin Trudeau is the Real Tyrant – Not Trump

If you head north to Canada, there is a real tyrant who appears gentle. Justin Trudeau has radically transformed Canada, for the worse.

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau, where to begin.

We know how much the left loathes Donald Trump, and he is given every insult you can imagine: racist, redneck, bigot, homophobic,  trans-phobic, misogynist,  patriarchal ass***, dinosaur and more.

If you head north to Canada, there is a real tyrant who appears gentle, calm and well-spoken with good looks. He is adored by the progressives and modern left whose mantra is:  identity politics, climate alarmism, gender deconstruction, and critical theory. Justin Trudeau has radically transformed Canada, for the worse.

Firstly,  free speech in Canada is DEAD. Ridicule, criticism or mere disagreement with the left’s modern ideologies is now hated speech. Free speech is actually a crime in Canada and can get you hurled before the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Disagreeing with someone is now the equivalence of violent acts.

Trudeau’s embrace of the culture of death (abortion and euthanasia) is now complete. Trudeau’s Government enacted euthanasia laws for those with ‘grievous and irremediable’ medical conditions in 2016.

Churches and other organisations are asked to make a pledge to support abortion and euthanasia among other progressive checklists or lose their government funding or tax-exempt status. Trudeau is a supporter of sex-selective abortions.

Justin Trudeau is hell-bent on forcing doctors and nurses or other staff to be forced to perform abortions. He also wants medical staff to be involved with young children changing their gender with potentially harmful hormones and other treatment. Parents who object and seek intervention with gender-confused children can lose custody of their child.

Doctors and other medical staff who do not perform abortions which is an extremely brutal grim procedure he wants to be struck off practicing healthcare.  Never mind the fact that abortion is never healthcare, but a parenting choice and a convenience issue. Trudeau has also given $700 million to fund overseas abortions.

Doctors who speak of the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle can be removed from practicing medicine. Trudeau has attempted to force schools to have children march in gay pride events which are often filled with half-naked men, simulated sex-acts, and features portrayals of sado-machoism, bondage, live sex acts, and with pedophile rights advocates. Sending his young children to these marchers is a regular fun family day out for the Trudeau’s, but his kids look none too impressed.

Trudeau is a radical proponent of transgender ideology. Parents who do not want their children being mutilated face losing custody of their child. Trudeau dresses up his 3-year-old son in pink regularly to show how enthusiastic he is for transgender rights.

Trudeau is also a secular fundamentalist. They are the equivalent of the gnostics who think their knowledge of perfect truths puts them in a superior plane from the rest of humanity. People with no religion are labeled more intelligent, the religious are insane. The religious are narrow-minded, dogmatic and intolerant. Those with no faith are broad-minded, open, liberal and such splendid people.

Justin Trudeau puts the world into two camps,  good and evil. Anything not of the left is, therefore, the right and since the right is by definition evil. To challenge any left-wing ideology is to be labeled right-wing so you put yourself totally beyond the pale.

The average person with all this will gladly accept the erosion of their own freedom and liberty if it means those whom the progressives have told them are being oppressed are set free. Most people do not scratch below the surface to discover what force is propelling the socialists. It is about control which is why progressivism and socialism are bedfellows. 

Discrimination is now the supreme crime. Wrong thoughts are now total heresy and must be punished. Designated victim groups can do no wrong while the majority culture can do no right. Only those who value Judeo/Christian ethical codes are to be condemned. 

For all those who want to create a utopia where all oppression has ceased and where total equality reigns have the West in their sights. Remove all obstacles. For the environmentalists, it is capitalism and industrialization. For scientific materialist it is religion. For socialists, it is the traditional family unit and Judeo/Christisn beliefs and principles. 

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