Just in case you guys thought your country had seen some sense and abandoned the idea of cultural Marxism in order to create a better future, here are a just a few events planned in Melbourne this month by the ever-resilient activists of the left. (With links attached.)


  1. Paint Footscray Anti Fash (Sunday, 3rd of June)

Kicking off this Sunday The Campaign Against Racism and Fascism have organised to meet at Footscray Railway station at 2pm to hand out flyers and take down right wing posters which have allegedly been put up. They will be hanging around the local university campus and talking to businesses owners to gain general support and in an effort to convince more people to show up at their protest on the 24th of June, which we will get too shortly.


  1. Solidarity with Arrested Anti-Fascist Protesters (Thursday, 7th of June)

This event, to be held outside the Melbourne Magistrates Court next Thursday has been organised in the wake of the Milo Yiannopolous event last year which saw people from both the left and right wing sides arrested for a number of offences. This event is an early one according to the Facebook page, starting at 8:30am through till 10:30am. Right wing activists have also planned a similar event outside the courthouse for their supporters who were arrested on that day, but we will cover that in our summary of right wing events coming soon.


  1. Action Meeting: Organise to Stop the Far Right (Tuesday, 12th of June)

This event is less public, although advertised publicly and seems like a meeting of supporters of the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism to discuss the upcoming rally on the 24th as well as their plans for the Lauren Southern and Stephen Molyneux event next month. It will be held on the 12th of June at 6:00pm at the Victoria Trades Hall Council Building. The event does not give out much information but says “come along to this meeting to agitate and organise.”


  1. Border Politics and Q&A with Julian Burnside (Wednesday 13th of June)

This appears to be a film event, held at Cinema Nova in Carlton Victoria. It features “Human Rights” barrister Julian Burnside as he travels the world to investigate how anti terrorism legislation threatens the core of basic human rights. Yes you read that correctly.


  1. Monash University Annual Reconciliation Lecture (Wednesday 13th of June)

This month in social justice just wouldn’t be complete without a reminder of how badly white people need to feel about the actions of a minority group of our race decades ago. This event will be held at the town hall on Swanston street at 5:00pm until 8:00pm, it is a free event.


  1. JHC Social Club: Nevo Zisin (Thursday 14th of June)

The main speaker of this event is described as a Jewish, queer, non-binary activist. They will be speaking at the Jewish Holocaust Centre located at 13-15 Selwyn Street, Elsternwick from 11:15am until 1:15pm.


  1. Refugee Week Launch Melbourne (Sunday 17th of June)


How could we forget about refugee week. Which will be launching at Deakin Edge, Federation Square located on 1 Flinders Street, Melbourne. Members of the public are encouraged to go and put their heads together to try and change the current policy in our country so we can let in even more refugees for some of the same cultural enrichment we are seeing in Western Europe at present. It will be held from 1:45pm until 4:30pm.


  1. World Refugee Day Celebrations at Fed Square (Tuesday, 20th of June)

Along with Refugee week there will also be a refugee day. Celebrants are meeting at Federation Square at 11:30am until 2:00pm. No other information has been specified yet.


  1. The QTIPOC Project Presents: Race and Community Care (Saturday, 23rd of June)

This free event will feature a panel of people to discuss various topics to do with social justice umbrella. QTIPOC stands for Queer, Trans, Indigenous Peoples, and/or People of Colour. It is free and will be held at level 6, Curate Space, 306 little Collins Street, Melbourne from 2:00pm until 4pm.


  1. Unite to Stop the Far Right (Sunday, 24th of June)


This is the one we have all been waiting for. The Left’s counter to the “Aussie Flag March” organised by the True Blue Crew on June 24th. They will be meeting at 11:00am at 250 Spring St, Melbourne (College of Surgeons Gardens.) Expect there to be large numbers as the Facebook page is determined to oppose this rally as strongly as possible. Quote “We cannot give the fascists our streets.  We cannot let them recruit and grow.”  Expect to see both sides flying the Eureka, a symbol of rebellion across the country.

Previous years have seen a few clashes between rival protesters and police with multiple arrests made. Expect a heavy police presence.

We are not encouraging our followers to go to these events to “troll” or provoke due to the history of violence and doxing the left has expressed to those opposed to their ideas. If your goal is to gather intelligence it would be a good idea to go and learn from those who oppose traditional values but be safe about it.

We will be compiling a list of right wing events to be held this month and will also be expanding our lists to the rest of the country.

Stay tuned for more information.

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