Julie Bishop Announces $30 Million Tax Payer Funded Donation to 3rd World Countries


Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs — Julie Bishop, has spent $30 million worth of tax payer funding on providing humanitarian assistance to a collection of third world nations. Bishop announced the decision via social media over the weekend, explaining how the money would be sent to nations such as Yemen, South Sudan, and Somalia.

The announcement comes in spite of Australia’s total government debt now sitting at over $700,000,000,000, with the nation’s taxpayers being forced to foot the bill. Meanwhile, in our own backyard, many pensioners are living in poverty, homelessness in major cities is becoming far more common, and the nation’s infrastructure remains in desperate need of additional funding.

With our politicians becoming increasingly arrogant and detached from the concerns and priorities of mainstream Australians, this incident is just the latest example of how far removed these elites really are from the people who they claim to represent. As both major parties — Liberal and Labor, refuse to place the interests of the Australian people first, the need for alternative political options has never been more evident. Australia’s future depends on it.

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