Jacinta Ardern New Zealand’s Prime Minister and leftist globalist favourite has joined her nation in on the abortion holocaust. Under her leadership, the nation’s parliament has decriminalized abortion through a conscience vote (sound familiar?).

The bill passed the New Zealand House of Representatives 68-51 under the cover of darkness on Tuesday 18th March while the coronavirus pandemic is dominating the news headlines. Putting the abortion bill to a public referendum was defeated 100-19. Exclusion zones around abortion clinics were removed from the bill last week.

During a time when the coronavirus is killing the elderly and vulnerable around the world, New Zealand’s Parliament has passed legislation making it easier to kill the next generation. 13,000 babies are murdered each year in New Zealand by abortion

The passing of the bill gives New Zealand the most extreme abortion law in the world. Any woman can have an abortion up to 20 weeks no questions asked. After 20 weeks only one health practitioner needs to sign off that they believe the abortion is okay.

New Zealand’s pro-life movement gave its all to kill the bill, not the babies. But the political fix was in. Marches for Life were held in Auckland, Wellington and on the steps of Parliament House.

Justice Minister Andrew Little who oversaw the drafting and passage of the legislation described these pro-life activists “sick” and “extreme”, Jacinda said it was not a legitimate way to express your views, David Seymour leader of the libertarian ACT party described them as “odious”, and National Party MP Amy Adams claimed they were guilty of “psychological abuse and torture”.

New Zealand’s Abortion Push

The journey of this bill began when abortion became an election issue during the 2017 general election with then Prime Minister Bill English a conservative Catholic and hence staunchly pro-life said there would be no change to New Zealand’s abortion laws. Jacinda Ardern expressed her belief that abortion should not be in the Crimes Act.

The Unshackled covered the 2017 election on the ground in New Zealand with Tim Wilms interviewing a local pro-life student group at the University of Auckland where the censorship and demonization of the pro-life position was already being enforced.

Five days after the election The Make New Zealand Great Again Facebook page was unpublished for hate speech. The suspected trigger was this meme highlighting Jacinda Ardern’s contradictory slogan of ending child poverty, out of her supposed care for children yet wanting to introduce a law to make it easier for them to be killed.

Make New Zealand Great Again Election Meme
Make New Zealand Great Again Election Meme

The arguments in favour of abortion “law reform” in New Zealand were the usual ones. Calling it a women’s right, personal decision and every other euphemistic term we have come to expect. Jacinda’s abortion crusade has further endeared her to the feminist left as a lovely stunning and brave progressive championing the right to butcher children in the womb.

Jacinta Ardern played the emotional appeal about the mental challenge carrying a baby you do not want. Well, thanks for confirming what it is all about-wantedness. I am sure being mentally hard is most comforting for the unborn who are ripped to bits for being on the wrong button of the timing calculator. It is simply an inconvenience and getting in ‘my’ way.

The Abortion Lies

Abortion is done in private and in a clinic under euphemistic language so it is justifiable. The unborn are simply unhuman to her. Sound familiar? The truth is they do not care about anyone but themselves. They do not want to say they are selfish. Instead, they use clever terminology and euphemistic language.

The fallacious reasoning is astounding. They look in horror at past and present events of abuses (the Gulags or Cambodian killing fields), yet call the biggest killing bonanza in history (abortion) as women’s rights. They call it healthcare, completely disregarding the unborn.

Nearly all abortions are performed as a result of inconvenient pregnancies. Pregnancy is not a disease or a tumour, children are a blessing. Abortionists can practice their horrid trade because the unborn cannot fight back and they win 100% of the time. If the baby could defend itself most abortionists would quit tomorrow. They do it for good money and because they win.

The social justice warriors look down on past wrongs and present wrongs but sit quietly looking the other way as children are slaughtered in the womb-decapitated, butchered or burnt for hours.

They actually March proudly and cheerfully over abortion and have become much hardened. They say the unborn look like humans but are fetuses, they are not fully developed, they are getting in the way of what I want.  Now de-humanisation is if someone is small, dependent and in the womb.

The hatred never finished. The hatred is directed towards the smaller and dependents. The slope was always going to get steeper. Now infanticide is being called for.

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