I’m a Conservative, so obviously I’m the extreme one


It seems that whenever you hear the word Conservative mentioned by the media or a left-wing aligned politician the words extreme, racist, bigoted, xenophobia, right-wing, fascist and more are thrown around.  If you dare to come out and announce that you are a conservative to the world, be prepared to die a social death as keyboard warriors will hunt you down and try to destroy you.

These peace loving hippies who of course are soft and cuddly, as they would like you to believe have even created their own lovely website to report and expose the extreme right wing conservatives out there.  The Anti-Fascist Action Sydney website likes to name and shame anyone who dares to go against their principals on how society should be.

The site calls prominent coalition politician Cory Bernardi a “nasty piece of work” and his colleague George Christensen a “repugnant weasel” and even went further attacking George on his Safe School’s stance by saying “Seriously mate, dive head first into an empty swimming pool”.

The site does not leave its attacks to just politicians; it also likes to shame any media personality that has the audacity to call it as it is.   On their post about Alan Jones they slandered him by declaring he was a closet homosexual. “Despite Jones homophobia that has been constant, Jones lives a double life as gay in private” the site writes.

But why leave it at just politicians and the media, how about an entire football team, like the Sydney United FC.  “SU have a very large neo fascist element within the club” the site writes.

But this trash talk is not limited to these faceless keyboard warriors who are too afraid to ever reveal their identity.  A large number of our politicians in Australia don’t know the meaning of professionalism, common respect or dignity.  Instead they will attack any opposition to their beliefs.  They will attempt to shut down genuine concerns within our nation by attacking the opposition and name calling.

Just recently the entire NSW Parliament passed a motion to formally announce that US Presidential candidate Donald Trump was a “revolting slug, unfit for public office”.

When Cory Bernardi spoke out against the Safe Schools program, Mr Shorten labelled him a “homophobe”.  Not long after Shorten’s attack on Bernardi, a group of out of control protesters trashed senator Bernardi’s electoral office forcing staff to retreat into other rooms as the uncontrollable mob trashed and defaced the office with vile graffiti.

But it’s not just the big name politicians or media personalities that will feel the wrath of the totalitarian left; it’s anyone who dares to publically express an opinion that goes against the regressive left’s view of society.  Everywhere you look now there is a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) ready to tear into you for daring to express your opinion.  You cannot use facts to win a debate with these people, instead be prepared to be bullied until you submit.  It is quite common for these SJW’s to call on reinforcements to beat you to a digital pulp.

I have experienced this kind of group mob attack on many occasions, receiving vile threats in my Facebook messenger inbox.  I recently had one SJW publish the suburb I live in and tell others to “show me some love if they see me on the street”.  We have all seen the type of love the totalitarian left love to display, it’s on display every time they attend a protest, you will identify them as the ones with their face covered ready to distribute their idea of social justice.

There have been many cases of people committing suicide as a result of such severe cyber bullying.  In July this year Phoebe Connop, 16, from the UK, posted a photo in a private Instagram chat with her skin darkened as she wore a scarf wrapped around her head.  Along with the photo she told her friends “this is what she would have to look like to get approval from her boyfriend’s parents”

One of the friends, a young social justice warrior became judge and executioner, deciding to share a very private photo across social media.  Phoebe started to receive a negative reaction within her local Asian community and took her life, leaving her father to come home from work to find his daughter dead.

It’s pretty clear for all to see who the extreme ones really are, but it’s not just their desire to bully, sometimes with life and death consequences; but it’s also their complete and utter distain for human life.

Last night I shared a video produced by the political party ‘United Conservative Party’ within a political group on Facebook.  One particular Social Justice Warrior wanted to go on the attack about the core party values of the United Conservative Party.  The subject of abortion was raised, so I expressed my opinion on the subject, especially late term abortion.  This particular SJW replied that it was rubbish that any late term abortions happen in Australia.  I of course decided to use factual information and shared an article with her on late term abortions in Queensland where 27 babies over 20 weeks old survived the birth only to be left to die after failing to receive lifesaving treatment.  Instead of being appalled that as a society we will leave a baby to die slowly when lifesaving treatment is available she responded with the “foetus is not viable before 24 weeks”.  The response was brutal, clinical and cold.  This is the mentality we are dealing with and yet we are the extreme ones.

No the reality is the Totalitarian left are the extreme ones, to bully people into suicide, to permit the death of 20 plus week old babies and to not even feel anything, that is extreme.

So next time someone calls you extreme for standing up for honest decent values, wear it with pride, because we know who the extremists really are.


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