How The Bankers Operate and Covid’s Breakaway Economy


You need to understand why bankers actually want the government to take over companies and industries and reign in a communist system. They want this to happen because they secretly control governments. So in a country like Venezuela, they want a greedy oil company which they own to make lots of money and annoy the public, then when the public and government get annoyed with this company they then encourage the government to take it over. They own the government, so now the dumb public think that they are no longer getting screwed over by the greedy oil company because its been taken over by the government and they go and have a party thinking its great that they have had a communist revolution.

But now the bankers have even more power because they run the government and can use the police force like private security guards for the oil corporation and can control the justice system, thus allowing the now government-owned oil corporation to do even more greedy things with legal approval. A banking corporation runs the government and they screw over the citizens even more.

The communist government goes bankrupt as the bankers intended, then they have to sell their assets to overseas corporations and banks to cover debts and at the end of the day the country is destroyed and bankers are laughing all the way to the bank as they own the government even more and their corporations have free reign over resources in the nation.

No real communist revolution ever occurred. Just a fake one. Or a temporary one that they’d predatory lend to and intentionally bankrupted to seize their assets. This is called economic warfare and that is a world war that has always been occurring in perpetuity waged by the bankers. Just because there’s no bombs doesn’t mean there ain’t no war.

This is a game tactic called winning either way. They play the game to win: if the corporation fails they win, if the corporation succeeds they win. When you have tons of money you can do this. You basically are so rich that you own a real-life monopoly board and can always win no matter what the losers try to do to protest your outrageous behaviour. That’s the world we live in.

Probably the only way we can win is if we use our own money and live off only small independent businesses that are never connected to one another by anything. Something like the Amish system, which is what covid rebels are doing right now in places like the far-north in NSW. At the same time do not follow any government laws or regulations, they just ignore that the government exists. That way the power in corporations disappear and the bankers power in governments disappear. No big interconnecting groups, no corporations, no pyramid run groups, no big churches we all follow, none of that, then we can be free.

Covid is all about handing power to corporations and government businesses, eradicating small businesses with the lockdowns, hence why the bankers are funding our governments and corporations into enforcing them. Because someone is paying for all this, remember that. It cements the bankers power.

But we can use our own money and trade amongst ourselves if we all start up our own small businesses. A breakaway economy I call it. With the governments and bankers pushing everyone to discard cash that will really force us all into the breakaway economy.

It’s like them smashing Youtube with censorship thus sending us onto freer video platforms like Bitchute. Bitchute has awoken people to new information which has always been censored by Youtube so that more is failing. THE COVID NARRATIVE IS FAILING.

So each drastic move by the bankers creates new problems for them. They’ve destroyed the reputation of governments and vaccines, which is a great thing. So now they might think its a win-win situation for them, but it might not be. God has other plans, and things that might look terrible might actually be damn awesome. So keep positive, we could all be winning from all of this crap. Stock with it, continue the breakaway internet and breakaway economies and we will win. They’ve screwed the pooch with this one.

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