During the coronavirus pandemic, many parents now have their child or children at home and are trying out homeschooling. The virus has given parents a look at education options which they may not have considered previously. Homeschooling during this time has replaced the traditional bricks and mortar schools.

As a result attacks on homeschooling from progressives and education academics have intensified of late. They argue it is violating a child’s right to a valuable education, plus it violates their own progressive values.

However, when you hear a progressive talk of children’s rights, a red flag should go off in your head. Elites detest homeschooling largely because the parents, by and large, install their own values onto their children such as self-reliance, not taking a victim stance, respect for Judeo Christian beliefs, the free market, enterprise, capitalism and the like. The eleties think they know better than parents and have been fighting homeschooling for decades.

Homeschooling has grown between 2 to 8 percent per year in Australia and the USA over the past three decades. The burgeoning academic options and alternatives available today are a threat to the progressives who want the state to be the educator and the state to be the guardian of children.

The progressives desire the state to instill hostility to indepedent though in children. So disagree with the state progressive agenda and you are a demonic force. An absence of state oversight deeply troubles them. The left believes the government is the only institution with the power and scale to intervene in the massive undertaking of educating children.

What they fail to tell you is that children are only useful for them if they carry their water and become foot soldiers for social justice. Homeschooling they believe is against progressive values. And what might they be?- welfare is great, Marxism, gender-fluids, victimhood, grievances, anti-capitalist wealth creation, automatons for the United Nations, being free spirits?

Many children may be too smart to fall for the left’s socialist program. Progressives most worry about the academic results of homeschooling as they vastly outperform state traditional bricks and mortar schools. In the United States, the results are typically 30 percent higher than the public average. Has it occurred to the left that many parents decide to homeschool because the public schools fail children? These outcomes are no different in Australia.  

The past several months, more children than ever are outside the state schools’ grasp. For the hard left, it is a nightmare which is why the attacks on homeschooling have intensified. Kids are away for a few months from the left’s indoctrination and that is enough to frighten the progressives. Some parents might discover the benefits of homeschooling and not send them back to state schools once the pandemic ends.

A surveillance state is what matters to the left and the apparatus of the state. State schooling mean they can keep a closer eye on a nation’s children and their parents for any wrongthink.

Children do not belong to the government. Private schooling enrages progressives, but not to the same degree as homeschooling. One of the policy platforms for the ex- Labor leader in the United Kingdom (Jeremy Corbyn), was to remove private schools.

In the twenty-first century, increasingly bricks and mortar schools are becoming obsolete and irrelevant. Of course, many parents need to utilize schools, but the mushrooming of educational options are exploding-homeschooling, religious bodies, volunteer groups, tutoring, hobby groups, clubs, associations, and lots more. Enormous tools and resources are available.

These options will be attacked by progressives as they believe only the state armed with a cultural Marxist ideology can install the right thoughts into children’s minds. They will use the intimidation and the coercive power of the state to utilize to destroy liberties. 

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