Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has called for government action, as Chinese buyers continue to raid stores selling Australian made baby formula. The phenomenon of Chinese expats buying Australian made baby formula and then selling it to buyers in mainland China for as much as triple the price, has made headlines in recent months, with Coles and Woolworths even going as far as implementing a policy at one point which prevented customers from purchasing more than 2 tins each day. Hanson’s vocal critique of the practice — referred to as ‘daigou’ in China, has caused outrage throughout many Australian cities. Local residents often face difficulties in sourcing baby formula for their own children, with many stores regularly selling out due to the massive demand of the Chinese buyers.


Hanson cited her own daughter’s challenges in purchasing formula for her new son, explaining that, “it is a big problem and I feel sorry for the mothers here who have trouble getting formula as my daughter did”. The practice often leads to chaotic scenes in stores, with recent footage emerging online of aggressive Chinese customers rushing into stores as soon as they open, in order to buy as many tins of baby formula as possible. Hanson’s comments have now brought the issue into the mainstream of Australian politics, with the senator suggesting that the government should act, in order to put an end to what is increasingly becoming a crisis for many Australian parents.

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