Catholic Cardinal George Pell has been released from Barwon prison in Melbourne a free and innocent man. The full bench of the High Court of Australia in a 7-0 decision quashed his December 2018 conviction at the County Court of Victoria on historical child sexual abuse charges.

During the two day High Court hearing last month the High Court Justices through their questioning Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions Kerri Judd QC indicated they were likely to quash the conviction when they handed down their decision.

Pell has spent 404 days in jail from the time he was sentenced by Chief Judge on 19th March 2019 until his exoneration today.

Australian taxpayer dollars have been used to carry out one of the worst media witchhunts and miscarriages of justice in Australian history. Exhibit A our state broadcaster the ABC, they have had Pell in their sights for years.

Peter West has written in Quadrant magazine “The vituperation towards Lindy Chamberlain was as nothing compared to the campaign against Cardinal Pell.”

Pell became the most loathed person in the nation, driven by David Marr and the hard left at the ABC. The standard of reasonable doubt has been proven to have not met and numerous times it was shown to be beyond the realm of possibility.

The prosecution case tested entirely on the accuser, nothing more. There was no supporting evidence of any kind. The whole farce should never have been put to trial by Victoria Police and the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions.

But the hard-left warriors at the ABC revealed and frothed at the mouth to go after another traditionalist and conservative. It is what our taxpayer dollars are used for: the church are bigots, conservatives are racists and Australia is deeply racist our borders must not be defended, private schools are unfair, all Aboriginal problems are because of whitey’s sticking their boots in, gender is fluid and so on. They sprout for socialism and marvel at its wonders despite being a disaster everywhere it has ever been tried.

If you replicate the day on when the child sexual abuse is said to have happened at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne in 1996, Pell escapes the notice of other clergymen in the procession, culls down two choir boys, sexually abuses them in around six to eight minutes while fully vested and then returns in front of the cathedral to greet attendees as if nothing has happened and all of which escapes the notice of anyone. Nothing is said for decades. The defence presented a whole army of witnesses who said the crime could never have happened. The discrepancies and inconsistencies was astounding.

The friends of justice all around the world made a very loud and unambiguous statement today that all of this looked obvious for anyone around the world except for the hard left hysterical press at the Guardian,  Fairfax Press and the ABC who should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

This is a stain on Australia’s legal history. Pell was convicted of a crime on the bare word of one witness whose story was full of holes and inconsistencies. Now let the compensation claims begin. 

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