French Believe Le Pen Can Address Migration And Terrorism Better Than Macron


A survey conducted by Elabe, showed
that majority of the French people believe that National Rally leader Marine Le
Pen is more capable of addressing issues on migration and terrorism, than
French President Emmanuelle Macron. 

53% believe that Le Pen would be able
to handle illegal migration and related issues better than Macron. Likewise,
52% think that she is also better in handling the rising crime in France. 

Le Pen lost to Macron on
inequalities, social protection, and environmental issues at 27%. She also
struggled to find support on economic issues such as taxes and employment.

The poll also showed that 74% of the
respondents see her as an authoritative leader while 61% perceive her as
arrogant. Survey also showed that 59% of respondents are impressed by her
dynamism and 56% by her courage.

Le Pen has started campaigning for
the European elections in May. Le Pen expertly capitalized on the growing
resentment on Macron’s globalist policies:

 “Let’s stop being the idiots of the world village! The healthy anger of the Yellow Vests is a revolt of the employees and the middle class against globalization. The right exchange is an international trade that refuses the reign of the so-called social, environmental or health, it is that which favors local productions, which ensures traceability and
therefore guarantees quality.”

The National Rally leader expressed
her sentiment against American imperialism:

 “The imperialism of American law, this
submission to their interests, only serves to remind us of the impotence of the
European Union and the inconsistency of the Europeanists. They will be held

Le Pen’s National Rally and Macron’s
La République En Marche! (Republic on the Move/LREM) are considered to be the
top contenders in the May European Parliament elections. When it comes to
popularity, a recent YouGov poll showed Macron and Le Pen are very close at 21
and 20 percent respectively.

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