Firing Squad for killers of Scandinavian Backpackers Beheaded in Morocco

3 men found guilty of the murders of Scandinavian backpackers beheaded last December will face the firing squad in Morocco.


A Moroccan court has sentenced 3 men to death by firing squad in the first use of the death penalty in the nation since 1993. The men were found to be responsible for the slaying of two Scandinavian backpackers beheaded in Morocco last December.

The murders of of 24 year old Danish citizen Louisa Vesterager Jesperson and 28 year old Norwegian citizen Maren Ueland caused worldwide horror last year when they were filmed on a mobile phone and plastered across social media. Images were then posted on the Facebook walls of the girls’ parents.

Scandinavian Backpackers Beheaded
From left to right – Rachid Afatti, Ouziad Younes and Ejjoud Abdessamad

While footage obtained by security services shows the murderers Rachid Afatti, Ouziad Younes and Ejjoud Abdessamad declaring allegiance to the Islamic State, IS has not claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The victims were as much victims of false narratives around cultural relativism as much as they were victims of radical Islamic terrorism. Two unaccompanied women travelling alone in a foreign land, naively believing it to be just as safe as their home nations.

Morocco has been a staging ground for waves of immigrants making their way into Europe, as reported by TU here.

It should be noted that one of the propaganda tools used by ISIS has been to encourage lone wolves or independent cells to act on their own.

Two of the men Ejjoud Abdessamad and Ouziad Younes admitted to the vile act and asked for “God’s forgiveness”.

This is darkly absurd considering that the holy book written by their prophet calls on his followers to do exactly what they did.

Quran 8:12 – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”.

The girls were shown no mercy when they were sexually violated and brutally murdered while weeping and crying out for their mothers.

The defendants’ legal representative has vowed to appeal the ruling and ironically declared it “cruel and unacceptable”.

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