Feminist Writer Blames Trump For Not Going to the Gym/Being Out of Shape


The Guardian has become less of a reputable news source and has moved in the direction of being a leftist op-ed conglomeration. The most recent jewel from The Guardian was an article by Bridget Delany titled “I stopped going to the gym because of Trump. Now I can’t open jars.” How dare he?

The author begins to describe the fact that she was so disappointed by the outcome of the election that she couldn’t bring herself to go to the gym, which seems like a strange reaction to the democratic process of the country you reside in.

“After Trump claimed victory, I went up to the gym in a foul mood. “Just f***ing load up the f***ing sled, all right, and let’s get it over with,” I said without much grace as I strapped a belt around my waist. … I pulled the sledge like human oxen while being filmed and the gym staff cheered. I did it.” The article reads. Apparently, this got so bad she lost the basic human ability to open a jar.

Luckily, at the end of the article, she lets us know that she returned to the gym soon before the article was published. Hopefully, the trauma of the Trump victory will be something she’ll get over to continue her life of avid jar opening.

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