Federal Government Confirms Asylum Claims Received from White South African Farmers


The horrific racist violent attacks and murders of white South African farmers over the past decade has finally gained mainstream media attention in Australia. This has had the effect of making some of our politicians take note with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton stating he would look into fast-tracking humanitarian visas for persecuted white South African farmers.

The plight of these farmers has also been championed by government backbenchers such as Andrew Laming and Andrew Hastie. Crossbench Senators David Leyohjelm and Fraser Anning have also suggested we look at taking in some of these farmers in a special humanitarian intake.

Given the prominence of anti-white racism in Australia and seeing its logical conclusion in South Africa there has been an outpouring of support for these farmers in the Australian community. Public rallies have been held in Brisbane and Perth attended by thousands to call on the federal government to do what they can to help these farmers.

The left meanwhile believe caring about these farmers makes you a fascist and a white supremacist and have denied a white genocide is underway in South Africa. They believe we should focus on helping the Muslim Rohingya’s in Myanmar, they still believe that persecution against whites is impossible. Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have only said Australia should maintain a non-discriminatory immigration policy.

Despite the violence, torture and murder they are experiencing the feelings of these farmers themselves is they want to stay and fight to save their lands. However, yesterday Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister told Sky News that the government had received asylum claims from white South African farmers and that these requests would be considered under the current visa program.

Given that applications have now been received from white South African farmers the issue whether to have a special intake is likely to come before the Coalition partyroom and/or cabinet.

Andrew Hastie and fellow West Australian MP Ian Goodenough hosted a forum in Perth on Tuesday evening, the city contains Australia’s largest South African community, they heard stories from these expats about what is happening to their countrymen back home. Hastie and Goodenough have proposed a special intake of 10,000 white South Africans which can be conducted along the same lines as the special Syrian humanitarian intake.

Stories of the continued horrific violence faced by white South African farmers continue to be told in the Australian media which cannot be continued to be ignored. Even the ABC’s 7.30 last night presented a story on it, but at the same time claimed that violence and crime in South Africa affected all races, denied that the Economic Freedom Fighters had called for a white genocide and justified the government’s land confiscation program in the name of racial equality.

Public outcry against what is happening to these white South African farmers will only intensify. The federal government will at some point have to ignore the cries of racism from the left and help these people in need.


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