Lately, we have seen communists and anarchists corrupting western society with race politics, gender politics, hatred of whites and police, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, legal systems which favour victim groups, a heap of fake hate crimes, wealth redistribution, removal of free speech, and the use of violence to achieve demands. This has been incubating for many years through the institutions.

The recent death of George Floyd was the precedent the anarchists and far-left radicals needed to unleash their attacks. By focusing on a few police incidents with black Americans, Black Lives Matter misinformed and downright lied. They have taken one police officer in Minneapolis Derek Chauvin and his abuse of power and claimed all police are guilty of brutality.

Black Lives Matter was inflamed and encouraged by President Obama in 2016 as he called perpetrators victims and police who were acting in self-defence perpetrators. Obama pushed tactically useless implicit bias training on departments based on the very false conceit that the nation’s officers are endemically racist. Politically driven policing had a devastating impact on blacks.

Democrat-led progressive liberal cities have had the worst results for black Americans. Their promises of welfare policies and social programs have failed dismally. Throwing more money at poverty does nothing to reduce it. Democrat policies’ destructive consequences are visible. California spends more than any other state on welfare yet maintains disproportionate numbers of citizens in poverty for decades.

Poverty is more often worse in places where the most government money has been spent to allivate it. The Democrats and Labor/Greens here in Australia believe this spending is a form of redistribution to help the poor improve their lot in life. Governments keep duplicating failed policy after failed policy then the community picks up the pieces.

Everyone involved in the Aboriginal industry in Australia has a vested interest in ensuring that programmes designed to teach Aboriginals the fundamentals of looking after themselves, namely civic responsibilities remain unsuccessful, otherwise, they would be doing themselves out of a service. The only way they are guaranteed their continual perks and benefits is if the status quo remains unchanged.

The Democrats in the USA desire people to depend on the government because, let’s face it, if you do well on your own you don’t need their social programs and promises of utopianism. A Democrat relies on the unhappy person who is indoctrinated on grievance, victimhood, gender politics and race politics.

Despite the hordes of money spent on failed welfare programs, there are no outcomes that remotely deliver on their promises on poverty eradication. In the USA, some African-America commentators such as Diamond and Silk have called it the Democrat plantation.

There is a parasitic destructive race grievance industry in the USA, as well as Australia which feeds upon racial divisiveness and hatred. Black Lives Matter was fuelled by Obama.

The vast majority of blacks are killed by other blacks. One black man mistreated was a factor in George Floyd’s death and the whole nation has descended into chaos.

The news media thrive on controversy and thousands of malcontents throw demonstrations and riot over one instance of injustice. There are approximately 850,000 full time police officers in the United States having millions of interactions daily with the public. Criminals are often treated as victims and the real victims are ignored. The cost of violent anti-police rhetoric has disproportionately impacted on blacks.

US Police are now not patrolling many crime ridden areas because of anti-police sentiment and many officers have been ambushed. Police officers are quitting and simply saying you can shove your cultural Marxist crap you are on your own.

The calls to defund the police has led to a big surge in gun sales. Truckies have recently said they will not deliver to areas where the police are not present and where the calls to defund are the loudest.

Liberals in Hollywood have joined the chorus to defund the police whilst many have armed security, the finest monitored alarm systems and want armed security when walking down the red carpet.

Democrat-led progressive liberal cities of race hustlers, social programs with their colleges full leftist professors have the worst results. Men and women of all races are trying to do their jobs and mobs such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa are at war with them.

The risk of carrying out policing duties is becoming higher and police officer resignations have surged. Some police have even sided with the law breakers and Democrat-led cities have allowed the mob to control their cities. The police put themselves on the line to protect blacks from predation.

The delegitimization of law and order is a grave threat. The media have gone into complete hyperbole about the reign of terror inflicted on blacks in the United States.

The Democrats rely on fear and intimidation and making people angry. If they can make you angry they can control you. They lie about systemic racism and the boogeyman of white supremacists. One stadium in the USA would only half fill with all of America’s white supremacists.

 The Democrats lie about racism,  whereas it is the destruction of the family and the contagion of welfare which has destroyed many black American lives. Many black Americans are raised without fathers with devastating consequences. The Democrats want blacks to blame whites for their weaknesses and failures.

The race hustlers are in abundance telling them you can’t go anywhere because of racism. Many blacks are in the trap of welfare dependence and addicted to dependence which is very hard to escape. Many who do escape are called sell-outs or Uncle Tom’s.  

The radical left have worked for decades to set this movement in motion. BLM is not a momentary civil disturbance. It is a highly organized well funded political movement. These thoughts have been incubating in liberal college campuses for decades.

Liberal progressive cities are destroying themselves. Many black businesses have been destroyed, many middle class blacks who have saved and invested in their neighborhoods and for others.

It has been speculated that this has been a willful intent to keep people on the left and the Democrat plantation. Business owners have left and there has been an exodus of capital out of the cities. BLM is a dangerous Marxist organisation hell-bent on anarchy. The ABC and SBS are cheering it on with your tax dollars. 

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