Erdogan’s commandment reveals the Islamic plan to outbreed us


The year was 1492, it played host to the end of the Reconquista, when the expulsion of Islam from Spain came into fruition under the auspices of Queen Isabella I. The Reconquest and liberation of Spanish lands was complete after the glorious Queen retook Granada, 400 years after her predecessors rescued Toledo from Islamic rule. Not only did this help Spain become united as a sovereign Catholic nation, it laid the foundations that would eventually allow the kingdom to fulfil its fate as a world power. Yet this eradication of the Islamic threat was only temporary.

Once again, Europe is facing an existential threat from the Middle East, this time in a more covert manner. The legitimacy of this threat was nowhere more clear as in Turkish President Erdogan’s commandment to emigrants from his country living in Europe: “Make not three, but five children. For you are the future of Europe”. Apart from sending a chill down one’s spine, this is clearly a hidden motive of Islamic countries to take over Europe let slip by the Turkish president.

Turkey wants its emigrants living in Europe to outbreed the native population in order to become the dominant ethnic group and for Islam to be the largest religion in a region of the world that is meant to be predominantly white and Christian. Erdogan’s comments themselves were a response to the Dutch people attempting to preserve their own culture and national identity by banning Turkish ministers from holding campaign rallies directed at those of Turkish origin. Yet this attempt by the Dutch to preserve their own national identity is not legitimate, as Erdogan was quick to label it “Nazism”.

With masses of so called refugees from the Middle East arriving in Europe, it is easy to see the dangers posed by Erdogan’s comments. It also makes evident the notion that it is white people who are wrongly accused of being racist. Yes, many citizens in Western countries want to preserve the culture, religion and traditional ethnic make-up of their own countries, yet they possess the decency of not wanting to see foreign countries’ ethnic and cultural identity being taken over by European people. When has a modern Western political leader ever said white people should replace the Turkish people in Turkey? They haven’t, yet it is the civic nationalist that gets labelled the racist, while the Turkish president who wants his ethnicity to outbreed the native population of another country escapes criticism.

This isn’t the first time Erdogan made such chilling comments that connoted an effort to outbreed Europe’s native population. Last year, he asked all Muslims to avoid using birth control and “multiply our descendants”. This is especially inconvenient, to say the least, in an era when the birth rate of native populations in Europe is substantially lower than those of its Islamic minority.

European countries, instead of propagating more native Europeans, have propagated degeneracy instead. A growing amount of homosexual relationships, along with a growing reluctance towards having children by those in heterosexual relationships whose participants completely reject marriage, as well as modern-day birth control measures ranging from contraception to abortion, have made Europe ripe for the taking for those who wish to conquer it.

Such fears have also been felt closer to home, in Australia. Ten years ago, Danna Vale, then Federal Liberal member for Hughes, stated that Australia was on its way to becoming an Islamic nation thanks to the growing number of and increasing access to abortions in the country. Her statement that we are “aborting ourselves almost out of existence” sparked backlash from the mainstream media and leftists, as expected. Yet they held an essence of truth that underpins the concerns held by all right-wing ideologies alike: the birth rate.

At least Russian President Vladimir Putin understands what is needed to secure the future of a nation, he is encouraging Russians to have large families in the face of their own demographic crises. Again, us in the rest of the West could learn a lot from the way Russia is aiming to preserve its culture and national identity after decades of being crushed by cultural Marxism.

Similar fears of Europe’s imminent population substitution if no solution was carried out were echoed by Father Pierro Gheddo of the Vatican, who said “Islam would sooner rather than later conquer the majority in Europe”. The Pope clearly did not think about that when he decided to hold Islamic prayers in the Vatican. Similarly, Lebanese Cardinal Bechara Rai stated that “Islam will conquer Europe by faith and birth rate”. Erdogan’s statements are a symbol that such events are closer than we think. Furthermore, British Rabbi Jonathan Sacks claimed that the entirety of Western civilisation would mirror the fate of Rome if falling birth rates continue and mass migration takes advantage of such demographic crises.

President Erdogan let slip the fact that those in the Middle East are completely aware of Europe’s demographic crisis, and are eagerly eyeing for more opportunities to conquer the continent through mass migration. This should act as a warning bell to those unaware or indifferent towards the possibility of such a fate, and it should be a rally call to those working towards saving Europe from its own flaws. It makes one yearn for another Isabella, maybe she’s already here through the form of Marine Le Pen, but that should not make one complacent to this situation. It is now even more clear as to why Islamic migration has to be stopped, Islam banned in the West, why leftism must be defeated, and of course the importance of the family promoted, if Western civilisation is ever to survive.

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