Did Obama discriminate against Christians in favour of Muslims?


Evidence exposing the corruption and ulterior motives inherent within the Obama administration and its possible Clinton successor continues to emerge thanks to Wikileaks. Earlier, it was about the Clinton campaign rigging polls. Now, it’s about discrimination against America’s own religion. The most recent batch of Wikileaks’ John Podesta emails contains a specimen that suggests the Obama administration discriminated against Christians in favour of Muslims.

The email, which was later forwarded to John Podesta, contains “compiled lists of Asian American and Muslim American candidates for top Administration jobs, sub-cabinet jobs, and outside boards/agencies/policy committees”.

This is followed by the following eye-opening statements:

“In the candidates for top jobs, I excluded those with some Arab American background but who are not Muslim (e.g., George Mitchell). Many Lebanese Americans, for example, are Christian. In the last list (of outside boards/commissions), most who are listed appear to be Muslim American, except that a handful (where noted) may be Arab American but of uncertain religion (esp. Christian).”

While it is important to avoid jumping to conclusions, the above extract seems to imply that the administration preferred Muslims over Christians. After all, it clearly states that Arab Americans “who are not Muslim”, such as Lebanese Americans who “are Christian”, were excluded. It would be safe to argue that Christians were discriminated against in their own country.

Again, the level of sensitivity characterising this issue stresses the need to be cautious and avoid jumping to conclusions. However, the email says that Americans with an Arab Christian background were excluded in favour of those with an Islamic background. If you think about it, is this really shocking? After all, this is a President who said “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” and “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”. Obama’s term may be coming to an end, but the problem is not over yet. It all depends on the next President. Hillary has stated she wants to let over 10,000 Syrian refugees into America if she is elected, and we can probably guess what religion they will be as well.

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