Day of the Soy: Vegan activists cause mass disruptions


As previously forecast by The Unshackled vegan activists caused nationwide disruptions today with their protests on the one year anniversary of the release of grief-porn doco ‘Dominion’.

Activists blocked the intersection of Swanson and Flinders St in the Melbourne CBD, chained themselves to vans, prevented trams from operating and caused mass congestion.

Since our last report Activists have invaded a number of rural properties and abducted livestock who they claim were being mistreated. Yesterday the Gippy Goat Cafe located at a farm in Victoria’s Gippsland Region announced it was closing due to months of harassment and abuse from vegan activists.

Protesters invaded Carey Brothers abattoir in Yangan near Warwick in the early hours of the morning and chained themselves to equipment. Protesters then demanded 3 animals in exchange for leaving and having charges dropped, which QPS acquiesced to. In this instance, extortion, theft and trespassing were rewarded.

Protesters chain themselves to plant equipment at Carey Brothers Abattoir in Yangan, QLD.

New laws targeting vegans who trespass onto property are being drafted which in addition to up to one year’s imprisonment could include an on the spot fine, the amount of which has yet to be determined.

James Warden who we previously reported on recently attended court charged with two counts of trespassing and possession of a controlled weapon (pepper spray) however this has not deterred would be animal emancipators.

We have previously broken down the economic and emotional harm caused to rural communities by these acts of vandalism and economic terrorism. Reeling from mass public backlash against their harassment, a planned protest was cancelled to give them the chance to regroup and refocus their efforts. 

With record numbers of drought affected farmers opting to end their own lives to escape the shame of bankruptcy, these acts serve only to kick an already embattled demographic while they are down.

In the minds of these economic terrorists any harm they do to the bottom line of primary producers is justified because they are on the ‘right side of history’, a term used by those who deny the cyclical nature of history.

In reality, they are causing economic devastation to an industry that funds the welfare lifestyles they hold so dearly. Salt of the earth people who work hard to keep the banks off their backs and pay their taxes diligently.

This author once tried to live a vegan lifestyle a decade ago after being emotionally affected by The Smiths ‘Meat is Murder’ however developed iron deficiency and narcolepsy which disappeared after consuming some delicious beef-jerky. The simple fact is that veganism isn’t a suitable diet or lifestyle for everyone.

You’re welcome to eat your soy patties and chickpea burgers but leave our farmers alone.

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