Day Of Terror: White South African Farmers Attacked Within 24 Hours


In a span of 24 hours, two farm attacks occurred in Bokfontein, North West province. On 6 July 2019, at 15:30, an elderly couple was violently assaulted in their farm.

The assailants entered and left the premises onboard the same car after the attack.  The woman (75) was admitted to a hospital for serious injuries while her husband (77) sustained minor injuries.

The attackers were able to enter the farm after pretending to buy meat from the couple. 

SAPS spokesperson, Colonel Amanda Funani said that the three attackers took the couple’s firearms, laptops and smartphones.

Funani also told reporters that the attack is classified as robbery and there is no available information on the assailants.

On 7 July 2019, a second attack took place in Bokfontein. The victim (72) sustained head injuries and stabbed wounds on the back and neck. One of the assailants even bit the victim.

The incidents were tweeted by Ian Cameron who is a leading voice against these attacks on white farmers in South Africa: 

“#FarmAttack 6/7/19: Bokfontein, North West Province. Elderly couple violently assaulted and firearms stolen. Suspects entered the farm with a car and left with the same vehicle. The locked the gate upon exiting. Limited info at this stage.”

“ANOTHER ONE! #FarmAttack 7/7/19: Bokfontein, North West prov. Second one in 24hrs in area. Victim beaten over the head and stabbed several times. Ambulance on scene. Awaiting more info.”

The ANC government has kept its distance from farm attack issues. With President Cyril Ramaphosa’s denial of the existence of farm murders at the UN last year, the solution to this growing problem remains in the dark. 

Dr. Theo de Jager, Chairman of the farmer’s association Saai, said “I often wish political commentators and the security ministers, or the President himself, would only once visit such a farm murder scene. They should smell it and see it: the bestial brutality of the torture, and the blood on the ceiling and the walls.”

“Only then they will be qualified to talk about the similarities and differences between farm murders and other crime,” he added.

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