2HTD7H6 Broken Hill, Australia, 28th Feb 2022, Flash flooding from a thunderstorm on Oxide Street in Broken Hill, Australia, Credit: Zoltan Csipke / Alamy Live News

Throughout covid have you noticed that they kept doing lockdowns or reporting case outbreaks during school holiday times? Long weekends, school holiday periods, Christmas holidays, they all got interfered with by Dan Andrews’ dictates time and time again. It was clear that this was to stuff up all the holiday-dependent businesses like those in regional Victoria, northern NSW and Queensland, the tourist ones.

The communists pushing the lockdowns are that strategic that they worked out a way to target them for maximum impact. They wanted the independent capitalist businesses to go into debt slavery or close just like businesses in Melbourne’s CBD have. They worked out that if they did a lockdown for Victoria during a peak holiday time people wouldn’t go on that planned holiday as they weren’t allowed to or were scared to in case they got the virus or got stuck interstate while away ‘because the state border might get closed!’ Thus little travel occurred and those tourist businesses lost revenue.

Now let’s look at what’s happened since things have kinda opened up in December. The narrative sold was that having most Australians jabbed would see the summer be better for tourist businesses because people could travel and no strict lockdown would be called. But what happened? It rained a lot, in fact so much so it makes us wonder if the government intentionally caused it. Record rain from Sydney to Noosa.

So this summer’s tourist season was hit hard AGAIN. Lingering covid restrictions for the first half of summer then floods for the second just as things were starting to ease off again (although of course restrictions still remain but at least not heavy ones). Perfect timing to stuff up the whole summer. Tourist businesses are not getting a break.

Then there was the summer of 2020 before covid, the one that had all the bushfires? That season was wrecked for them too. So these tourist businesses have had three years in a row of disruptions during peak trading periods, not to mention the lockdowns during other periods over the past two years. So how are they going to survive? I imagine not, the damn communists want them under their control so I bet you they are mostly up to their eyeballs in debt or closed. Capitalism is getting hit again.

Why so little rain in the 2020 summer? Why so much rain in the 2022 summer? I am connecting the dots here and it seems suspicious. Big machines can project microwaves into the sky heating up sections, this causes air pockets to move, could this be a way of stopping rain or prolonging it?

Chemtrails didn’t really exist until the year 2000. One day LA is covered with lines in the sky from jets, the next day(same weather) the sky is clear. Why does a line occur on one day but not the other? The atmosphere above LA seriously does not change, it has the same clear blue sky every day, same temperature, same winds, its a desert. But on those days with the lines of course the sky turns white in the afternoon, and it’s clear that the lines spreading out thinly has caused the whiteness. You can watch this occur. And this doesn’t just happen in LA, it’s only very noticeable there. And the supposed content of these lines involves metal. Now guess what reacts to microwaves well, metal. Spray that, tiny bits of it, then less microwave energy is needed to heat up a section of the sky and then you can make it rain or not or make it windy. It’s up to your agenda.

So what is going on? Why do this? The communist world government doesn’t care about Australians, they have international agendas to achieve, and they are willing to break a lot of things to achieve them. Burn down towns, flood villages, you have to break some eggs to make an omelet, in building this communist utopia they are breaking a lot of eggs. Is the strange weather and extreme governmental overreaction to covid connected? I think so, they are being pushed by the same international communist governemnt and they are working towards building the New World Order, the 1984 communist utopia. One dot point to be achieved in that is the annihilation of independent capitalist tourist businesses.

Sydney has had more rains during the Easter holiday period, theyve already had more rain in 2022 than what they usually get in one whole year. The airports have been disrupted due to covid isolation rules causing staff shortages thus making the holiday period even harder for the industry and that in the US news I’ve noticed over the past two years that there’s been random airport disruptions that keep on seem to be happening during holiday periods, they could be trying to do the same thing to American tourist businesses as they have done to Australia’s

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