Climate Council Fire Chiefs “May Well Be Responsible”

Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said Tim Flannery’s Climate Council is behind fire chiefs who “may well be responsible” for the ferocity of ongoing fires.

Climate Council

In a press release put out this week, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi has opined that Tim Flannery’s Climate Council is the driving force behind a brigade of former government-appointed fire chiefs who “may well be responsible for the ferocity of the recent bushfires” devastating the country.

Citing the extreme fuel loads that were allowed to build up to catastrophic levels under the specialists, Bosi stated “under the watch of these government-appointed specialists, fire fuel was allowed to build up in the areas of bushland that sparked our east-coast fires”.

Despite their generous public salaries, these officials failed to prevent these disasters. They “must accept their liability, apologise to those whose lives they have destroyed and be forced to contribute to rebuilding the lives and properties of those they have ruined.”

If they will not accept responsibility, they must be held to account by the people. “like our bank chief executives and boards, who have fallen on their swords or have been sacked for their wrongdoing or incompetence, so should all local, state and federal politicians, and the faceless bureaucrats be held accountable for signing off on this nation destroying policy.”

Mr. Bosi went on to dismiss the need for the inevitable royal commission into the bushfires as unnecessary, as they would further drain the nation’s coffers to the benefit the many faceless bureaucratic functionaries who deliberate much, but do very little.
“Instead, we must revisit the recommendations made in all past royal commissions into bush fires, going right back to those made in the 1939 inquiry into that year’s catastrophic fires in Victoria.”

Previous Bushfire Coverage by The Unshackled

Earlier in the year The Unshackled published a story on the Victorian bushfires, in which it was alleged by victims that they had witnessed anti-logging activists preventing forestry workers from performing backburning by locking themselves to machinery and blocking access roads.

While fires are certainly a part and parcel of living in such a vast and arid continent, the policies put in place to manage the vegetation and forests by bodies such as the Climate Council no doubt have a profound impact on the ability of landowners, forestry workers and caretakers to keep fuel loads to manageable levels.

If we are to avoid repeats of this summer’s fire season, we must take heed of the previous findings of the many post-fire commissions. If our politicians continue to fail us – such as Scott Morrison who is currently holidaying in Hawaii while the country burns – one would be forgiven for concluding that foul play is afoot.

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