Clementine Ford, Twitter Leftists Still Smearing Pell


The past two days we have found out how little the unhinged left know about our legal system. Yesterday all seven highly esteemed High Court judges quashed Cardinal George Pell’s 2018 conviction in the County Court of Victoria for historical child sex charges.

Not guilty means you are innocent, but not to the left and the church haters it doesn’t.  The left and social media still want a crucifixion for Easter. The left would have been perfectly happy to pervert the course of justice to satisfy their ideology, beliefs and hatred.

George Pell was imprisoned for 404 days and convicted on the sole word of one anonymous complainant,  whose words were unsupported by other witnesses or any forensic evidence. The same fate could befall anyone else.

For the left after the Victoria’s Court of Appeal upheld Pell’s conviction they told us to believe the court, accept the verdict. Seven highly esteemed High Court judges give a harsh damning summary on Tuesday on Victoria’s Court of Appeal.

The Catholic Church despite its covering up of abuses and child sex crimes has been no more guilty than organisations, after-hours school care, children’s sporting clubs, boy scouts,  schools, and so on. Anyone would think the Catholic Church has been the only one who has committed abuse and covered up abuse.

The past 20 years, the Catholic schools and organizations have been the safest places for children with the least number of abuse. These facts are totally ignored.

The left, particularly the ABC will never look at Aboriginal communities whom many children are chronically neglected, abused and mistreated. It does not fit the narrative. Thousands of Indigenous children must be removed for their own safety yearly, but the left never even peep at it and turn a blind eye to it.

Twitter and social media are now awash with acid tongues and smears . The worst offender I have seen is by feminist author Clementine Ford.


Clementine Ford’s Twitter feed is a perfect example of libel and total slander. Clementine Ford hates men with a passion and spews nasty speeches such as “kill all men” for a living. Her career is based solely on debunked crazy feminist theories and hatred of men-nothing more.

It is a wonder she has not appeared on our taxpayer-funded ABC alongside other unhinged feminists or is not teaching Marxist feminist theory at a university somewhere. She thinks the world is one big conspiracy by men to control women.

Clementine the seven High Court judges are much more respected than man-hating unhinged feminists. The amount of venom and threats coming from Twitter from leftists after the High Court’s ruling is disgusting and quite scary. Anyone reading even 10 minutes reading details of the charges rather than people with an axe to grind, social media grubs,  hard-left lynch mobs or media grubs-you can see the prosecution’s case had holes in it you could drive a truck through.

The Victorian Police went on a trawling expedition looking for complainants and even putting adverts in papers. The High Court on Tuesday handed down its findings in utter condemnation of this whole process. But seven High Court judges apparently do not know as much as idealogues such as Clementine Ford. The High Court smashed those earlier court rulings as wrong. But they are not wrong according to the left.

They will keep their attacks up on social media and the ABC will continue with their agenda.  Louise Milligan’s book was libel, the ABC which is the biggest broadcaster pursued Pell for years, the Victorian Police in their role in this must be examined. 

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