Whilst many Australians were marching in the streets or tuning in to the degeneracy live on their TV screens, a gathering of Christians from the Brothers of the Fifth and other patriotic citizens chose to take a stand. Throughout the whole Mardi Gras night they defended the St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Sydney from vandals that had defaced the property in the past. Defecating and urinating were just some of the things seen on the night that were reported in the media the following day, thus proving how family orientated the Mardi Gras really was.

The Stalwart Bastion event has been held at the Cathedral for a few years now, and has sought to prevent any defilement occurring at the premises. In the past, red paint was thrown at one of the statues, and feces was also thrown at the steps of the Cathedral. Every year the amount of people who take part at the event increases. It has become a concern, that the behaviour of many people that take part in the Mardi Gras is abhorrent, and that action must be taken so that decency and commonsense can once again prevail.

We all knew that the 40th Anniversary of the Mardi Gras would be made to look bigger than life. We also knew that it meant that there would be a lot more trouble out on the streets. It all started at 4pm in the afternoon of the event, where a LGBT group had gathered right in front of the Cathedral. This was the first time that they grouped within a few metres of the church steps, and from then on it seemed obvious that their intention was to intimidate. Many in the group seemed to have been triggered when sky writing was spotted saying “Jesus Saves” and Jesus Loves”. About 30 people in that group were then taking photos of themselves wearing hardly anything, which is a typical trait seen at Mardi Gras. There were; men wearing BDSM leather gear with their arse-cheeks hanging out, what looked to be a topless woman although we can’t be certain of their gender, and old men wearing wedding dresses. There was also a man dressed in a Vegemite tin outfit, only that they wrote sodomite instead on the label. They also gave us a subliminal slippery-slope indicator about what things they may campaign on in the near future. One man held a sign that was mimicking the NO to SSM campaign that read “It’s OK To Vote Neigh”, whilst having a picture of a man and a horse on it. One could only imagine the hideous sights overall that we were subjected to throughout the night.

Things only got worse when members of the LGBT group started hurling insults at the Christians. To top it off, one woman waved a cardboard box shaped as a coffin that read “Traditional Marriage” on it. These are the types of people who demand tolerance yet choose to do the exact opposite when facing people who don’t buy into their agenda. Next to them was another LGBT group that were practicing their dance moves in very skimpy outfits. Once the parade had started the groups moved on, which provided us with a short period of peace until the parade had finished.

When people had started returning we knew that we would be confronted. A few degenerates had tried to urinate on the church but were quickly removed by people protecting the grounds. There was also a man who ran up the steps and started yelling profanities at the Christians. Once the Christians surrounded him, he continued to yell out bizarre remarks. Such statements were “Jesus was a communist”, and that we needed to “seize the means” in this country. The Brothers of the Fifth had heard enough as this man was starting to get aggressive, so they removed him from the property. Once things started to calm down, the Unshackled proceeded to record a few interviews with some of the brave people that chose to defend the cathedral.

So you must be now thinking, where were the police in all of this? Well when we first arrived we saw them walking around with rainbow flags, and during the parade they were obviously occupied. They did turn up once, only because the communist had reported us for mistreating him. Once the police had seen that we weren’t causing any trouble they then left and got back to what they do best, promoting degeneracy and eating doughnuts. Furthermore as the main photo suggests, it seems that the police force have sunken to the lowest common denominator, and are not to be taken serious about the “serve and protect” role they are supposed to play in society.

Once the night had ended, it was clear that there were 2 types of people in the CBD that night: leaders and followers. The people who chose to defend the Cathedral and in turn cop the harassment that they received for it, should be seen as heroes. The people who blindly attended Sodom and Gomorrah down the road however should hang their head in shame for supporting vile and disgusting behaviour. Even worse the police force have become a national disgrace. Never again will any criminal out there be able to take them seriously once they have sold out, and chose not to enforce the law for those that were exposing themselves indecently for the country to see. From a police force that arrested these degenerates in 1978, to a force that now supports and encourages such putrid behaviour. One has to ask which side the police force is on, because it definitely isn’t ours.

(Highlights & interviews from the Stalwart Bastion event will be uploaded within the next few weeks)


Damien Ferri

Senior Editor Of The Unshackled

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