Chinese Warships Arrive in Sydney on Tiananmen Square Anniversary


Three Chinese warships arrived in Sydney Harbour for a four day stopover on Monday.

The People’s Liberation Army-Navy frigate, an auxiliary replenishment ship and an amphibious vessel docked in Australian waters on the 30th Anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

In response to the massacre Australia’s then Prime Minister the late Bob Hawke granted Chinese students who were the leaders of the protest movement and the main target of the subsequent Chinese Government crackdown four-year asylum to stay in Australia.

It is an anniversary the Chinese Communist Party would wish the world to forget, the massacre is completely censored from the internet in China and never spoken about in any capacity.

The arrival of the warships also comes as China reiterates its territorial claims over the South China Sea.

Chinese Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe in a speech in Singapore stated “The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has no intention to cause anyone trouble but is not afraid to face up to troubles,” and “Should anyone risk crossing the bottom line, the PLA will resolutely take action and defeat all enemies.”

The arrival of the warships was not publicly announced by the Australian Government but was obviously noticed by the media. Many suspected the timing of the arrival was a show of force by China in the South Pacific. Chinese warships recently followed the Australian Navy when it was in transit in the South China Sea

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the visit was planned for sometime and was a “reciprocal visit” as the warships “were returning from counter-drug-trafficking operations in the Middle East and that is a further demonstration of the relationship we have.”

Relations between Australia and China have been tense in recent times with our intelligence agencies warning of unprecedented attempts by the Chinese Communist Party and their agents to influence Australian politicians into a more pro-China foreign policy position.

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