Chinese Admiral: Resolve South China Sea Disputes By Sinking US Ships


Rear Admiral Lou Yuan, deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences told an audience at a Chinese military-industrial conference that the only way to resolve the South East China Sea dispute is to sink two US aircraft carriers.

“This would kill 10,000 American sailors. What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” said Lou. “We’ll see how frightened America is.”

During his speech last year, Lou discussed the “five cornerstones of the United States” which are open to exploitation: their military, their money, their talent, their voting system — and their fear of adversaries.

Admiral Lou, who holds an academic military rank in shaping military theory— not a service role — said China should “use its strength to attack the enemy’s shortcomings. Attack wherever the enemy is afraid of being hit. Wherever the enemy is weak …”

Lou said that China is well equipped with missiles that can destroy the US carriers and their escorts, however, these weapons have not been tested in war.

Whether China is equipped or not with weapons to do what Lou declared, the real issue here is that sinking US carriers would be a clear declaration of war. 

Does he think Washington would not respond to such an act?  We all know what happened after Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

David Gompert–formerly the second-highest-ranking intelligence official in the Obama Administration said that China is very concerned about a long war in which the technically advanced U.S. forces would prevail. 

For Gompert, this is the reason why China would most likely prefer a strategy of taking out U.S carriers, air bases, and command and control networks plus satellites by using early and swift strikes.

Gompert stressed that the narrative of impeding war has resulted in crisis instability between the United States and China. The situation may already be at  a tipping point or a hair trigger away from happening and thus, should be addressed immediately.

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