Children in Ontario, Canada, to be seized by the govt if parents oppose “gender identity”


A new piece of legislation has been passed in the Canadian province of Ontario that allows the government to take children away from parents who oppose their “gender identity”. This new totalitarian law means the authorities now have the right to seize children and place them in government custody if parents want to help their children escape gender confusions.

It has been no surprise to see the left flaunt its hypocrisy over the past few years, and this is a perfect example. This new law comes from the side of the spectrum that has been adamant in opposing the Stolen Generations, for example. Yet, they are now supporting a law that allows the government to remove children from their parents through force, the same ordeal allegedly experienced by various Indigenous people in the New World.

Why would the left oppose the forceful removal of Aboriginal children from their parents, but support the forceful removal of “gender non-conforming” children from their parents? It’s the same principle, as children are being removed by the government because their parents fail to meet particular standards: the former by not being white enough, the latter by not being liberal or degenerate enough. It’s just another example of the left displaying it’s hypocrisy in all its glory.

The law, labelled ‘The Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act of 2017’, was passed by the 63 out of Ontario’s 86 legislators. As a result, the threat of leftist authoritarianism has taken a whole new level. Left-wing inspired big government in Canada has been given a boost, and this can steepen the slippery slope to allow the government to have greater control of children.

It’s apparently abuse for parents to oppose their children’s gender identity, according to the proponents of this new law. Their objective is for children to be “removed from that environment and placed into protection where the abuse stops”, says Ontario’s Minister of Child and Family Services, Michael Coteau. This is codeword for the hidden intention of wanting to expand government control over children in order to carry out social engineering.

Families are no longer given the right to direct their children’s own upbringing. They are only allowed to do so if they are ‘in accordance with the child’s or young person’s creed, community identity and cultural identity’. This raises the possibility that if a child identifies as “trans-racial” for example, and the parents oppose this confused sense of self, the government can take them away from their parents. It’s a new form of Stolen Generations that makes children even more vulnerable.

This new turn of events goes to show that the slippery slope is indeed real. Canada prides itself at being at the forefront of promoting gay rights, and the country has already legalised gay marriage. But the supposed fight for equality has not ended there, the left’s ultimate mission has always been to give privileges to various minorities under the guise of equality. This law is just the latest example of the left’s mission coming to fruition.

Giving in to LGBT rights, and other minority rights, will only make matters worse. Many people want to legalise gay marriage in an attempt to put an end to a time-consuming debate and silence the LGBT community by finally giving them what they want. But as Ontario’s new legislation has shown, this is simply naïve. It will not end with gay marriage, they will want more, and our children are next.

Canada provides a lesson to countries like Australia that still haven’t caved in to gay marriage thanks to the tireless work of conservative politicians. Similar to Ontario, the Australian state of Victoria is on the leading edge of gay rights through its various radical leftist programs like Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships. Leftist governments’ attempts at expanding control over our children is a serious threat. Taking control of children using the guise of “protection from abuse” is just the next step in bringing about left-wing social engineering. This new tactic of cultural Marxism has to be stopped, and I implore all parents to use common sense come election season in order to ensure our children are safe from this new threat.



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