Bruce Pascoe’s New Aboriginal History

Bruce Pascoe’s book DARK EMU has been described as being full of historical re-appropriation, total manipulations, outright lies and egregious deception.

Dark Emu

Bruce Pascoe’s book DARK EMU has been described as being full of historical re-appropriation, total manipulations, outright lies and egregious deception.

Peter O’Brien has been calling them out over at Quadrant. Andrew Bolt has debunked Pascoe’s new history in his columns and television program.

But that hasn’t stopped Pascoe’s version of Aboriginal history being pushed into schools. The book has been praised by the ABC, the Greens the Guardian, the Saturday Paper and the other usual suspects of the left.

The institutions have not let go of it, even though the book has been exposed to be riddled with falsehoods and out of touch with reality. Peter O’Brien described it as “post-truth academia in action”.

They should have wiped their hands clean from him.  The ABC has not uttered a word. After all, they propelled him forward and promoted him so much. They will fight to the death to defend him even with egg on their faces. The ABC bias grows by the day.

The obvious aim of Dark Emu is a political project. It is a building block to pursue treaties,  more cries for money, sovereignty and constitutional change.

Their vision will be the mandatory reading of Dark Emu at all schools. More self-loathing,  self-flagellation and teaching children how horribly racist Australia is.

It will be backed by community agitators, the Greens (who could have predicted that?), the Australian Education Union, government bureaucrats, academics and the social justice warriors will add this cause to their ever-growing tally. More grievances to add to the list.

Those within the lucrative Aboriginal industry will all have a signed copy and will be writing letters to government officials wanting more money.

John Pilger’s Utopia

Dark Emu reminds many of John Pilger’s Utopia documentary.  John Pilger likes to portray Aboriginals as permanent victims, brutalized, enslaved and whitey’s sticking their boots in daily.  Pilger used words like subhuman, enslaved, concentration camps, genocide, stealing children,  invasion and so on. You would think he was describing Belsen death camp in the Second World War.

Utopia was downright lies. No mention of full entitlements like all other Australians,  multimillion-dollar schools, jobs in horticulture,  airports, fly-in, fly-out workers, clinics and hospitals and new housing. It was unashamed hysteria and emotional appeal.

Every single cliche was used: poor blackfella, evil whites, and Australians revelling in sticking their boots in. It claimed,  as Dark Emu does, that Aboriginals are much more connected to the land than all others and are far better with it.

To people like Pilger and the professional malcontents, all that matters is ideological purity. Walking towards a socialist utopia is what matters. He used to praise Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and we know how that turned out.

Pilger offers no solutions, but only what he believes is his superiority and wanting others to hand the money and all wisdom to him. In 2014 he even said Australia was stealing Aboriginal children and engaging in the torture of Aboriginal children. He described it as scandalous and degradation.

The Adam Goodes saga

Dark Emu brings us back to the Adam Goodes saga. The left painted Goodes’ as a monument to moral purity. The professional anti-racist and race-baiters, have Goodes as their poster boy. You would not be mistaken if you thought the left believe Goodes is the second coming of Martin Luther King.

Goodes’ supporters accused footy fans of bigotry and hatred when there is no evidence. But that, as we know, is what the left does best. They are forever on the lookout for racism as they can parade their facile virtue.

Goodes was the left’s opportunity to divide using identity-politics, self-loathing and self-flagellation. Anyone against it is just a deplorable. Cultural apartheid the left would like.  WE ARE there.

Dark Emu and Aboriginal Victimhood

A young Marxist academic Peter Read invented the stolen generation. This is now taught as fact to children at schools, is continually fed to us on the ABC and the professional malcontents trying to divide people by race.

Those professional rent-seekers only guarantee of a continuing career and keeping all the perks they come to expect as their due is to make sure the status quo remains unchanged. A lot of them are just mercenaries operating within the Aboriginal industry. They fight what they say is racism from deplorables with actual racism. What could possibly go wrong?

Dark Emu is the sort of publication of self-loathing,  re-appropriation and victimhood the Greens will froth at the mouth over. Anyone questioning it or saying is false will get the usual smear of bigot or racist.

It will inflame the passions of human rights lawyers, left academia and social justice warriors.  Australia Day protests will become louder and bolder. So change the date then. That day will then become another sorry day or a day of national remembrance or mourning.  Perhaps create another industry from that.

What the left will not tell you is that it is their policies which keep Aboriginals down. They ignore the left’s policies in the 1960s which made Aboriginals servants to welfare industries.  They actually want Aboriginals subservient to them.

Reconciliation was a scam invented by the left. It is still a scam but on a much wider scale. They have not much to show for all their virtue except things run by race-warriors, and outrage seekers making a very good income for themselves.

The Aboriginal flag is a potent symbol for the left because it is an advertising tool of perpetual compensation and guilt merchandising.

Getup,  the Greens and the social justice warriors have no currency or backbone.  They want people totally dependent on government and the arms of government and with these people they demand revolution.  So the people who do not build anything demand a revolution.

The Greens are bedwetters and are still children. Many of their supporters come from youth trained to be overreactive to any small criticism or are traumatised by minor slights. Many are Marxists.  They are gravy train passengers.

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