Britain to lose its culture if regressive leftist politics prevail, new study finds


A shocking new report has exposed the vulnerability of British laws and culture amidst unsustainable refugee intake and the growing power of political correctness. Compiled by Dame Louise Casey, along with the Department for Communities and Local Government, the new findings make it a national priority to preserve Britain’s culture and values for future generations. The report, the final product of a request by the former Prime Minister and Home Secretary to evaluate the current state of the kingdom, emphasises the utmost importance of protecting the threatened traditions and values of Britain.

During her speech to the Local Government Association conference in 2016, Dame Casey elaborates on her visit to a community center just after Christmas, where “they’d taken the Christmas decorations down. Except they hadn’t called them Christmas decorations. They’d had a ‘festive tree’”. This is but one of many such situations occurring throughout the United Kingdom, with many communities opting for labels such as “festive tree” in an attempt to be more culturally sensitive. But is it right to sacrifice your own culture in order to avoid offending a minority of foreigners? Is it right to continue sweeping your culture under the carpet to uphold the harmful trend of political correctness?

The appalling nature of the findings is exacerbated by the fact that it wasn’t the minority individuals who arranged for this culturally Marxist decision. The source of the decision lies within “the incredibly well-meaning white manager, who just didn’t want to cause offence”. While Casey acknowledges the manager’s desire to portray cultural awareness, she rightfully questions the legitimacy of such decisions. She makes clear the notion that it is completely regressive to change local values and traditions in order to better cater for migrants. It is the migrants’ responsibility to be culturally aware in a new environment, not the locals’ responsibility to be culturally aware of these minorities.

The harm created by a handful of paranoid local politicians is further made clear in Casey’s visit to Rotherham. The South Yorkshire town’s public servants refrained from openly accusing the men involved in a child sexual exploitation scandal due to their Pakistani heritage in order to prevent the deterioration of race relations. The audacity of such decisions was made clear when race relations within the town worsened, highlighting the regressive nature of such policies.

Important British values, such as free speech, and integral facets of British culture, such as Christmas and other events related to the country’s majority religion, are at risk. While kindness, another British value, is important, it is essential for the kingdom to ensure the conservation of its heritage. It is not kindness to provide short term comfort to migrant populations while sacrificing one’s own cultural heritage. It is not kindness to deny one’s children their native culture in favour of a foreign culture.

Dame Casey states “I have become convinced that it is only the upholding of our core British laws, cultures, values and traditions that will offer us the route map through the different and complex challenge of creating a cohesive society”. I couldn’t agree more. The culture and heritage of the kingdom are endangered. Giving in to political correctness and cultural Marxism will only wipe out one of the world’s greatest cultures, including those of Europe. A loss of European culture and heritage will have a severe impact on the globe as a whole, as it will lose the beauty it derives from cultural diversity if Europe succumbs to the growing threat of cultural Marxism.





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