BREAKING: Victorian students can now choose “gender x”


Senior students in Victorian high schools are now able to identify as “gender x” according to this year’s new personal detail forms. In what comes as another step by the Andrews government to cave in to dangerous progressivism and degeneracy, Victorian students will be allowed to choose the new gender category if they do not identify as male or female.

The changes were made by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority after requests from transgender students who did not prefer choosing their naturally-defined and genetically-unalterable gender. The department used the health and wellbeing of these students as an excuse to make these changes, choosing feelings over truth in order to address the welfare of minors.

The Australian Christian Lobby was quick to point out the flaws and lack of common sense characterising the new decision. It has pointed out that this will have a ripple effect on all other aspects of school education, from bathrooms to sporting teams, and effectively opening up the slippery slope to even more harmful progressive decisions. It correctly identified that the government is making a mistake by caving in to the irrational feelings of some teenagers by legitimising their attempts to be different by choosing their own gender simply because they feel like it.

The opposition responded similarly, attacking the government’s push for radical gender theory and cultural Marxism in Victorian schools. In an attempt to superficially cater to all students, the government has made a blatant attack against the natural order and has allowed more students to follow irrational thoughts that could potentially harm their lives if acted upon.

Apart from the fact that it’s obviously dangerous to have boys in girls’ bathrooms and unfair to have boys in girls’ sporting teams, this new decision makes clear the danger this Socialist government poses to Australian society. It is just the latest in a series of policies it has taken to push radical gender theory and brainwash students with lies instead of teaching them the truth.

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