BREAKING: Hung parliament announced as Conservatives lose any hope of gaining majority


It has only been a few minutes since the Conservative Party has lost any hope of securing a majority in the UK election. Despite being the largest party in the Parliament, the Tories needed to secure at least 326 seats in order to have a majority. However, a hung parliament has now been announced.

The Conservatives currently hold 312 seats, and are expected to secure 318 seats.

Labour has outperformed its own expectations, and currently holds 259 seats. Despite being a Socialist terrorist-sympathiser, Jeremy Corbyn seems to have successfully marketed himself as a leader with conviction.

Of course, many of his supporters have been younger people, symbolising the dangers of the left-wing drift of the younger generations.

The Conservatives were, to their credit, successful in gaining Scottish seats formerly held by the Scottish National Party (SNP). Labour also made gains, and ousted various Conservative MPs and ministers.

Unsurprisingly, Labour has enjoyed a huge swing in London, reflecting the migrants and leftists that dominate the city in contemporary times.

Theresa May’s position is now under threat, with her call for an election turning out to be a disastrous gamble. Certain Tory MPs are calling for her to consider her role. With her gamble having backfired, Britain may have a new Prime Minister in a few days.

Questions remain on how the Tories will secure their mandate to oversee Brexit negotiations. The Democratic Unionist Party has expressed their interest and willingness to foster a coalition with the Conservatives.

Brexit negotiations occupy centre-stage in this election, and the future of Brexit now relies on the Conservatives’ ability to form a coalition with a like-minded party in order to ensure a Brexit that is beneficial for the United Kingdom.


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