BREAKING: Brexit bill passes parliament in landslide victory


The United Kingdom is one step closer to triggering Article 50 and leaving the European Union with MPs voting for Brexit in a landslide victory. MPs voted 498 to 114 votes in favour of Brexit.

The bill was used by Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative government as a result of losing a Supreme Court case last month that made it compulsory for Parliament to vote on the issue. The court ruled that the apparent constitutionally illegitimate nature of Brexit justified a parliamentary vote.

The landslide victory comes as a surprise, albeit welcome, as it shows many Labor MPs voted in favour of the people’s decision. The referendum result was democratically decided after all.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told his party to vote for the bill. 47 Labour MPs, 50 SNP MPs, and 7 Liberal Democrat MPs voted against the bill. Corbyn, however is still expected to try and influence May’s plans for Brexit.

Theresa May is to publish a White Paper detailing the Government’s plans to take Britain out of the EU. May is now on course to trigger Article 50 before her March deadline.


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