Bolsonaro Moves To Cure Venezuela Of Its “Cancer” Maduro


Brazil’s newly inaugurated rightwing president, Jair Bolsonaro declared in a video message that his administration will do everything in its power to win back democracy for Venezuela.

“I believe the solution will soon
come,” Bolsonaro proclaimed on the video.

The video was released prior to the
scheduled protests against Nicolás Maduro next week.

Maduro, began his second six-year
term as president of Venezuela on January 10 amidst local and international
condemnation. The election was tainted by allegations of fraud and a dozen of
Latin American countries and Canada have agreed to not recognize his

Bolsonaro’s influential son Eduardo,
referred to Maduro as a “cancer” in a tweet:

“Maduro’s narco-dictatorship is a
cancer that needs to be excised.”

Eduardo, who is closely affiliated
with rightwing Venezuelan dissidents has been a bold critic of Maduro and has
openly sought a military overthrow of the Venezuelan leader.

Brazil’s foreign ministry accused
Maduro of heading organized crime in Venezuela that was widely-financed by acts
of corruption, narco-trafficking, people-trafficking, money laundering, and

Venezuela’s opposition has regained
their footing with international allies and the emergence of Juan Guaidó, the
35-year-old head of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled national assembly.  He recently announced that he is ready to
take over Maduro’s presidency.

Barely a week into his post, he told
the world he was ready to assume the presidency until free and fair elections
could be held with the backing of military. Guaidó denounced Maduro as
a “usurper” and “de facto ruler” whose re-election last May was a “farce”. 

It what seemed to be a response to
Guaidó’s public attacks, the young opposition leader was briefly detained by
the intelligence services – something Maduro’s administration denied

After he was released, he told
supporters, “Look what they are doing. They are desperate in [the presidential
palace] Miraflores … We are survivors, not victims!”

He also urged the military to turn on

“The chain of command has been broken, and
there’s no commander in chief – it’s time to get on the right side of history,”
wrote Guaidó, who has adopted Barack Obama’s famous rallying cry “¡Sí, se
puede!” – “Yes we can!”

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