The recent protests, rioting, looting and lawlessness overwhelming American streets over the death of George Floyd in an incident of police brutality on May 25 has dominated Western media.

We are lead to believe this civil unrest is driven by people’s frustrations and anger over widespread police brutality on blacks and that police misconduct and racism is a savage plague still entrenched in American society.


On the weekend Australia’s major cities saw large Black Lives Matter protests despite coronavirus restrictions being in place, with no fines being issued despite police fining people over other large social gatherings. The protests in Australia, it was argued, were about deaths in custody of indigenous Australians and Australia’s endemic racism.

Are these recent protests and anger reflective of widespread racism and brutality, or is there more to this that the media is not telling us? In Australia, 27% of prisoners are indigenous Australians, while Aboriginal deaths in custody are 17% of prisoners (Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, The Health of Australian Prisoners 2015).

As such, it is a myth that Aboriginals are overrepresented in deaths in custody. Indigenous Australians are in fact, underrepresented. Aboriginals are no more likely to die in custody than any other group. The activists ignore the chronic health problems of many Indigenous prisoners which are large contributing factors.

Aboriginal deaths in custody is a big distraction from poor health, alcoholism, drug addiction, violence and other factors. The activists are totally silent on high rates of violence and child abuse in remote Aboriginal communities – dead silent.

These statistics are devastating to race hustlers claims. The activists are deafeningly silent on Aboriginals being victimised by other Aboriginals, the women being assaulted and raped by other Aboriginals, and children being abused. Aboriginal children are disproportionately wards of the state and of course, that is racism too.

White people are now being told to disown their white privilege, and the media is telling us to feel guilty for the colour we were born. The media says we are guilty of oppression by being white because apparently being born white automatically gives you privileges.

We have Sorry Week, Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week and others, so a great many are suffering fatigue from constant race hustling. The activists ignore the huge Aboriginal superstructure which employs a huge number of people servicing Aboriginal persons and Aboriginal persons only.

Incarceration also has nothing to do with oppression, but about individuals own behaviour towards others. The aim of the race hustlers is to keep convincing people that they are not responsible for their lives and that they are victims. The only guarantee for them and the Aboriginal industry is to maintain its status quo.  Exploiting grievance and identity politics and polarising society becomes their mission. Failed programs are immediately followed with requests for another.

United States

In the United States, a huge race grievance industry treats criminals as victims, and real victims are ignored. Black-on-black crime is totally ignored by race-baiting newspapers, and the Guardian far-left woke priesthood of caviar socialists is, of course, the worst offender.


Black Lives Matter totally distort the truth to generate outrage. The forces that drive the race grievance industry are very powerful. They have vested interests in racism. Let one black man be shot or gravely assaulted by white cops and that is instantly on the news because that enables everyone in the game to play the race card, fling about accusations of chronic racism, incite protest and demonstrate.

When two black cops shot at a white father in his car, killing his disabled son in the front seat, where were the protesters then? And their silence on black-on-black crime is even more pronounced. Black criminals are 18.5 times more likely to kill police officers than the reverse. A police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer (Wall Street Journal).

Not a word from BLM on black-on-white violent crime which overshadows white-on-black crime by an enormous margin. Black Lives Matter—only some black lives matter—those where a white man can be implicated. Nine unarmed black victims in 2019 represent 0.1% of all African-Americans killed in 2019. Anyone wanting an accurate picture of what is going on in the United States should read The War on Cops by Heather Mac Donald.

There is a cultural revolution growing in the United States where group humiliation is all the rage. White people are increasingly condemning their nation and their family because of being white.

We saw people kneeling in the United States in front of BLM activists and saying sorry for their white privilege. Black Lives Matter are formulating lessons for children at schools, teaching things like white privilege and that blacks stealing from whites is them taking back from the oppressors and that it is not violence to loot stores.

The Democratic Party endorses the teaching of these materials as the party is entirely built on racial exploitation, weaponising hardship into votes. The cities where the rioting, looting and destruction have been most devastating is in Democrat-led cities and states. The Democratic Party want black America angry, rioting and impoverished so politicians can be placed into positions of power through fraudulent empathy. Black Lives Matter should more appropriately be called Black Lies Matter.  

White supremacists in the United States would struggle to fill a school hall. The overwhelming majority of Americans could not care less if someone is black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian or whatever else. The recent protests and destruction are overwhelmingly about promoting communist garbage, that’s all. They are hostile to the truth. Rather, this is about upending authority, diminishing law enforcement and partisan cheerleaders of the media pushing an agenda, and the race hustlers wanting more power and control. 

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