An intolerable atrocity has been committed here and it’s not necessarily that a low-life scumbag like Joe Biden has been illegally installed as Commander and Chief of the United States third-world style. Maybe the discovery that the greatest nation to exist isn’t beyond getting compromised is the real headline, frightening, however, not the greatest offense.

2020’s fraudulent US Presidential election has completely suppressed a voter referendum upon “wokeness” and the overly-contrived influence of “fringe culture”. In Back to the Future speak, the Harris/Biden faux victory fucked up the “space-time continuum” and put us on the path of an alternate reality.

Had this not occurred, a Trump landslide was inevitable and all the bullshit that the media and their Democrat overlords had been shoveling on our plates would have been exposed. “Woke culture” is an entirely fabricated creation and the myth of its impact on American culture has been inflated by Big Tech, corrupt national media, and the Democrat party.

The Impossible Truth

It’s critical that Americans can accept the most obvious and crucial truth in order to understand the bleak reality that we are now facing.

Whether you like Joe Biden or rightly believe that he’s human waste, capable of committing the most despicable offenses, is entirely irrelevant. Americans must agree that the Biden/Harris campaign to fundamentally pervert the U.S. has been one of the most lack-luster and ineffective endeavors in history.

Those who aren’t willing to accept that Joe’s message was littered with self-serving fabrications and unverifiable accusations, must be willing to take an objective look at his campaigns complete lack of substance.

Ardent partisans, entrenched on both the left and the right, agreed that Biden was sorely lacking the enthusiasm which he needed from critical demographics within his base. It was common knowledge that the Biden ticket was virtually message-less, except for his constant defamation and personal jabs at President Trump.

For fucks sake, he could only participate in staged Q & A’s, he called on the pre-selected reporters that were provided with pre-written questions and he still needed to read the answers from prepared notes!

In 2008, the public believed that an unqualified community organizer was legitimately elected to office because he had a message. The media created and slickly produced Barack Obama and sold him to the masses, but without an energetic theme and a recognizable message, surer than shit he would’ve been expected to tank.

Like him or not, people had a reason to be excited over Barack Obama and this drove them out to vote. The first black President… The first cool, young guy… Blah, blah, blah, whatever, people were driven to vote.

Now, we are supposed to seriously believe that an unprecedented number of Americans didn’t simply like Joe Biden, they appeared out in record numbers to say, “Yeah, that’s right, this is the guy that should be tasked with running the world and responsible for the safety of  The United States.”

This dipshit can barely remember his name and we want his crusty old digits fingering the nuke buttons?

Despite enduring the full weight of corrupt politico’s squeezing down on his throat, Donald Trump’s daring attempt to bring down the establishment apparatus inspired millions. So much so, Trumpophiles and new voters alike, flooded the streets in record numbers to voice their approval.

In the initial aftershock

A substantial volume of citizens may or may not comprehend that the 2020 election was compromised and completely fraudulent. It may, however, be unfair to label them apathetic or brain-dead, the sheer gravity of what’s been revealed in 2020 is quite possibly incomprehensible.

The first frightening query is, what and the hell can responsible Americans do? This is more than a shocking catastrophe; this terrifying event has breached our national security. If 95% of all the evidence spontaneously evaporated, the remaining 5% would be more than enough for our officials on every level to demand an investigation.

Why are so many supposedly reputable people, in positions of great influence, so eager to put this behind them?

They relentlessly persecuted President Trump, for years, with extensively less evidence. Corrupt actors from the Establishment had the fucking balls to impeach the President with ZERO verifiable evidence.

Their entire case was based on a call, it mattered not that the call contained no actual incriminating evidence, instead, they insisted that we believe the call was fraught with bad intentions.

The Democrats failed momentously, attempting to impeach the President, however, the national media, politicians of both stripes, the empty vessels of entertainment, and hoards of concerned citizens had welcomed a rigorous investigation.

Bizarro World

The sticky tentacles of malfeasance are vast and to one degree or another, they have molested high-ranking officials throughout government and beyond. It’s certainly plausible, considering the massive scale that was required by this fraud, that almost every elected official is complicit to varying degrees.

Joe Biden, a refurbished two-time loser, riddled with cognitive defects, is merely a victor of convenience and nothing more than a rubber stop holding the entryway ajar. The opening which Biden has been tasked with will usher in the end of our nation, it’s a gateway to the Bizarro world.

When a President is cheated from his office, it’s truly monumental, however, suppressing a massive movement of concerned Americans is treasonous and there is no greater cause worth fighting and possibly dying to correct.

In record numbers, Americans sought out election day ballot boxes; they were virgin voters, independent-minded minorities, and the previously disenfranchised, all energized by Donald Trump’s mission to dismantle the status quo.

These determined voters weren’t newly minted Trump sycophants or just faithful Republicans, they consisted of real, everyday Americans that vehemently rejected the toxic, leftist bullshit, currently strangling our nation.

Donald Trump’s landslide victory had signified an American redemption, finally, the silent majority has pulled the plug on wholly preposterous policies and proposals. The Trillion-dollar Green New Deal, the reverence for anti-Americanism and national self-loathing, transitioning into a welfare state, a radical trans and homosexual infestation, religious suppression, debilitating tax increases, political correctness, cancel culture, mass immigration, and more, were officially rebuked!

In one massive punch, American’s unanimous admonishment of the fringe element was to be the explosive morning headline, it wasn’t. The corrupt national media feverishly deprived this story of any oxygen and assisted by the Establishment, the headline was extinguished and discarded.

We must stay the course

Our only option is demanding that this fraudulent action be reversed, and everyone involved must be prosecuted, and possibly hung till they be dead. This is most egregious and actually, this action is theoretically on par with a Declaration of War. I don’t condone violence, however, the punishment must fit the crime.

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, a news website dedicated to preserving European heritage where this article originally appeared.

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