Thousands of people have today marched through the Melbourne CBD, as a rally organised by socialist ACTU National Secretary Sally McManus brought traffic to a standstill. The rally, which was attended by militant unions including the CFMEU and ETU, was part of the ACTU’s ‘Change the Rules’ campaign — a campaign which intends to pressure the federal government to introduce laws forcing businesses to pay worker’s higher wages and offer greater job security. The rally began at Trades Hall on Victoria Street, before the unionists then began marching towards Federation Square, causing significant delays to motorists and public transport users. Victoria Police were forced to intervene, with dozens of officers on hand throughout the demonstrations.

The Australian union movement looks to be making a resurgence under the leadership of McManus, with advertising campaigns and public demonstrations across Australia going into overdrive in recent months. Ultimately, militant unionism offers little benefit to the average middle class Australian, with incessant demands for higher wages and guaranteed work, only serving to disincentivise entrepreneurialism, and reduce the flexibility of employee/employer arrangements. Promises of more money and greater job security may seem inviting on the surface, however, Australians should be wary of the socialist utopia pipe dream. The prosperity of our nation depends on it.

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