The progressive left has just taken over the United States. The progressive utopians are now going to have a crack at running the United States under the Biden Harris Presidency.

What does this mean exactly? It means big government without limits, collectivism is supreme, foreign bodies having much more power, fewer liberties and freedom, and a big expansion of the always failing government programs. The ultimate big government tyranny is already present in parts of the United States.

Discussions about systemic racism, oppression, white privilege will not end with a Biden-Harris Presidentcy. Antifa activists and Black Lives Matter do not ever talk of the real causes of disadvantage in certain black American communities, instead they are totally focused on the 1% of black deaths that are caused by caucasian police officers.

Poor schools, destruction of the family, gangs, and failed social welfare programs are never mentioned as problems. It is like a car wreck and along comes Black Lives Matter with their street troops attempting to your cut finger. Black Lives Matter says you are all oppressed due to white racism and the system is out to get you so give the power to us. 

The facts are that progressives are no better at organising a complex society than anyone else. Democrat cities in the United States have produced the worst results for disadvantaged communities. 

The only way to achieve their egalitarianism goals is by heavy-handed top-down government solutions. This means government without limits. It means surrendering freedoms for platitudes and empty promises of utopianism.  It has a seductive appeal. Take from the achievers and give to the victims. There is a total illusion with government programs. Never are the results examined. 

There are basically six tenets to leftism which has won over many people. Humans are basically good, society can be perfected by government.  Someone or something else causes you to be in the position you are in. Deflection of personal responsibility-white people, racism, oppression, people need to change, the police needs defunding, society needs to change. Feelings are more important than facts. Hatred is disguised as compassion. Categorize people based on where they sit on the oppressed and oppressor pyramid.

Your value is based on where you sit on this pyramid; not your ideas or character but by your gender, skin color, sex, or class. Government is God and you will not want for anything. The common good becomes the crucible or excuse for totalitarian control.

The United States has many socialist enclaves such as Portland, Oregon where a voting bloc is ensured by making promises of more handouts. All of the West Coast US states now have a one-party system with gov ernment growing larger yet the quality of life for ordinary citizens is reducing.

The left has done everything to destroy the West and free people. They have actively flaunted their cultural Marxist big government achievements: the destruction of the family, endless social welfare programs, crushing religious liberty, opened the door to illegal immigrants, called for the defunding of police, destroyed the youth by teaching them socialism will fix everything, glorified abortion, sexualized children and attacked free speech amongst other things. The Democrats have brainwashed black Americans that they need government handouts.  

One of the goals of Black Lives Matter is to destroy the nuclear patriarchal family. Achieving this goal creates more social welfare and makes people easier to control. Instead of role models of fathers and mothers, the youth fall into the clutches of shock troops and Marxists.

Racism is not entirely dead but is kept alive and in public discourse by activists, professional race hustlers, and new ideologies such as intersectionality.  Politicians keep it alive and many get a sense of superiority for calling anyone racists despite no evidence. 

Americans will now have socialism destroying their cherished values of entrepreneurship, wealth building, free enterprise and free speech. Law-abiding Americans will be attacked by violent anarchists, agitators and criminals. Law enforcement will be attacked as being oppressive and racist putting the minorities at more risk.

The left sees the West as wicked and constantly promotes self-abasement. The progressive sees the West as deeply racist, the system severely oppressive, and its lands full of economic and social injustice. The left wants western nations punished for their sins both past and present.

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