Austria: 50% Of Suspects In Murder Cases Involving Women Are Asylum Seekers


ABD0005_20160504 - WIEN - …STERREICH: Ein Mann hat in der Nacht auf Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016 am Brunnenmarkt in Wien-Ottakring eine Frau brutal mit einer Eisenstange attackiert. Die 54-JŠhrige erlitt massive Kopfverletzungen, sie starb noch an Ort und Stelle. Im Bild: Die Feuerwehr bei der Reinigung des Tatortes. - FOTO: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET

Austrian Family Minister Juliane Bogner-Strauss revealed that in 2017, 50% of registered suspects involved in murders of women were foreigners.

“One has to take appropriate action,”
Bogner-Strauss added but blamed men instead. “Patriarchal structures have not
yet died out in Austria”.

The announcement came after a series
of murders involving women which happened recently and were committed by asylum

High profile cases include
16-year-old Michelle F who was murdered in Steyr by an Afghan asylum seeker in
December and 16-year-old Manuela K whose body was discovered under a pile of
leaves by her mother in Wiener Neustadt earlier this month.

In the first half of 2018, overall
crime has declined by ten percent under the conservative-populist coalition government
of the Austrian People’s Party and the Freedom Party.

However, the government was alarmed
by the fact that foreigners now make up 40 percent of all criminal suspects in
Austria with the city of Vienna having the most foreign suspects at some 51.4

There has also been an increase in
reported murder cases, from 33 last year to 34 during the same period in

Another crime that has gone up
significantly has been the number of reported rapes.

In the first six months of 2017, 261
rape cases were reported, compared to 374 this year — an increase of 43.3

Austrian police is also concerned
over the increase of knife crime incidents. They reported that the number of
stabbings, especially during inter-ethnic conflicts have occurred frequently.

Earlier in 2018 several high-profile
stabbings, including one where an Afghan migrant attacked an Austrian family
while leaving a restaurant. The alleged stabber in the case later confessed
that his reason for the attack was that he was having a “bad day”.

The incidents have prompted Interior
Minister Herbert Kickl to look into reforming the asylum system in

Recent data shows that the current
administration has carried out an average of 19 deportations per day.

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