Argentinian Man Legally Changes His Gender So That He Can Retire 5 Years Early


A 60 year old Argentinian man who legally had his gender changed in order to identify as a female, has been accused of lying in order to take advantage of a loophole in Argentinian law which would allow him to retire early. Sergia Lazarovich — formerly known as Sergio, allegedly decided to begin identifying as a woman in order to retire 5 years early. Argentinian law currently allows women to receive a government funded pension at the age of 60, whereas men are required to wait until the age of 65 before receiving the pension. Lazarovich was also able to exploit an Argentinian law which allows citizens to alter their gender on official identity documents, without the need for any proof of gender reassignment surgery or hormone treatment having occurred.

One of Lazarovich’s unidentified family members has alleged that he has previously made derogatory comments about transsexual people, has never previously indicated any wish to be identified as a female, and that Lazarovich’s decision to alter his gender identity at the age of 60 is solely motivated by ambitions to retire early. The family member has also claimed that Lazarovich had previously hoped to pursue legal action in relation to the discriminatory nature of Argentina’s pension system, although decided to concoct the altered gender identity scheme instead. Lazorovich has denied all allegations, citing ‘personal’ reasons as the main motivation behind his decision to begin identifying as a female.

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