Apparently Being An Aussie Bloke Makes You a Dangerous Homophobe


With the Australian Bureau of Statistics Marriage Postal Survey campaign now drawing to a close with a result now three weeks away one would think we had heard the last of the left’s hysterical cries of hate speech and homophobia. Despite the fact the all polling released to date has the yes campaign poised to win that is not going to stop the complaints about alleged widespread homophobia and bigotry.

It doesn’t take much to be accused of being a homophobe (which is a loosely defined term) and today we learned that all it takes is to be an ordinary Aussie bloke. That is opinion put forward by food critic Tim Forster with an article for the leftist rag Junkee titled ‘Australia’s Toxic Blokeyness Is Preserving A Unique (And Dangerous) Type Of Homophobia‘.

Apparently being an Aussie bloke who likes beer, swearing and sheilas is a gateway to “Poofter bashing” which occurred in Australia in the 1980s and early 90s with many gay men murdered. It is extremely insulting to an Australian man who exhibits masculine behavior that he is somehow contributing indirectly to violence and murder against homosexuals.

The author mentions a few instances of homophobic abuse they have personally received however does not mention how many years ago they occurred which would have been a highly relevant fact. It is also considered homophobic by this author for men to find gay sex distasteful which if you are heterosexual would only be normal?

The author tries to tie his narrative of violent homophobia to the current postal survey, it should be noted that attacks on yes campaigners have been rather scarce, there was property damage of a few homes with Yes paraphernalia and Alan Joyce being pied (hardly a bashing). The only serious incident of violence was Kevin Rudd’s godson punched when trying to stop the removal of a yes campaign poster. Meanwhile attacks on No campaigners have included Tony Abbott being headbutted and the Australian Christian Lobby being bombed.

Safe Schools is also mentioned as the author claims it is under attack because opposition to same sex marriage in Australia is motivated by concern about gender fluidity not religion as alleged was the in the United States and Canada. Not wanting to confuse children with complex gender theory again is hardly akin to endorsing violence against homosexuals.

The author also decries the Yes campaign’s use of Aussie blokes in several of its advertisements as it apparently plays into this dangerous form of homophobia. It sounds like he does not want the Yes votes of Aussie blokes because it won”t change their perpetuation of homophobia, it is strange logic. One wonders what the author would have want to put in a Yes advertisement.

Even if the postal survey returns a yes vote don’t expect the left to stop complaining about how allegedly homophobic Australia is even though same sex marriage would have the endorsement of mainstream Australia. Some people never stop being a victim and no amount societal change or government action can please them.

So next time you Aussie blokes are opening up a can of VB make sure you think of the violence against homosexuals that action is perpetuating.


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