One year ago, far-left extremists stormed the St Mary’s Cathedral steps at the “Day Of The Unborn” event. They had politician speakers that intended to make abortion legal right up to the last minute of pregnancy. This year they were once again outnumbered, tried to brawl with police, and continued to push their pro-murder views aiming to destroy anything that is moral and just.

Christians Marching Through Martin Place

Whilst everyone was inside the Cathedral, the protestors intended on causing the same disruptions as they did the previous year. Last year they yelled profanities out of a megaphone during the mass, but were then confronted by a group of Christians that stood up and defended their faith with a Deus Vult chant. Due to the severity of the actions caused from the protestors, the Cathedral sought to have police and security present this year. The protestors were still on church grounds but were kept a short distance away from the steps.

Thousands Marching For Life

It didn’t take long for the abortion advocates to gather around in a circle after they had finished writing out their signs. They then started shouting predictable chants such as “keep your rosaries off our ovaries” and “not the church, not the state, women will decide their fate”. Once the red cordial had started to wear off, they commenced the speeches. First up we had 2 Women’s Officers from the University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council. Madeline “Maddy” Ward and Hersha Kadkol proceeded to larp on about how legal abortion is necessary to keep women out of back alleys and that anyone that opposes such things are chauvinist bigots. Jessika Faithfull then continued saying that pro-life advocates were white men that knew nothing about what women were facing. Funny enough many of the people attending the march were women and didn’t adhere to such generalisations and ridiculous oversights. She also bragged about her grandmother being the first abortion advocate in Northern Ireland. Not something that normal people would be proud of.

  Police Form A Line To Protect People From Protestors

Madeline got back on the microphone and said that women should be able to seek whatever pleasure they like with their bodies, but obviously chose not to mention the responsibility attached to that. Whatever people choose to do, they must ensure they are aware of the consequences of their choices. These extremists tend to ignore that and take an easy approach to their mistakes, which unfortunately results in a loss of life. Another claim made was that “abortion saved my life”, this isn’t the case as 99% of the time the mothers life is not in danger. It is very rare for this to occur but it is still used as an argument to promote their extreme ideologies. The truth of the matter is that whilst her “life” was saved which is a code-word for “convenience”, another life had been destroyed. The selfish attitude and evil disregard for another life is most evident in these cases, where people choose to “do what thou wilt” without acknowledging or even caring about how that affects others.

Pro-Death Extremists

The Unshackled was informed during the speeches that efforts were being made by the police to move the far-left over to Hyde Park. When they attempted to do this, the protestors became very aggressive and would not follow simple instructions. The police proceeded to push forward when some started to push and shove their way through them. Whilst protestors were behaving in such a manner, they were yelling out “we have the right to demonstrate, this is not a police state”. They were still on private property but the police were unsuccessful in moving them across the road and instead formed a barrier to ensure none of them attacked parishioners. They kept on having childlike tantrums and believed they were victims, even though they chose to disrupt a peaceful march with an aim to cause trouble in the first place.

Protestors Clash With Police

The Unshackled moved closer to the crowd so they could better observe the protestors when all of a sudden Antifa members emerged. They took out a green Antifa flag that exposed their symbols and draped it over another cameraman that was filming the protestors. A police officer told him not to do that and moved him away from the cameraman, where he then began to whinge. The Antifa member said that people should not be filming, but the policeman said that it was a public place and that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. The Unshackled believe that this unmasked individual was spotted at the Straight Lives Matter event last year, and is well known to be a far-left extremist.

Antifa Members Unmasked

Once the mass had finished, parishioners gathered together and proceeded to walk down towards NSW Parliament House. There we heard from a mother of 13 , Kathleen Clubb, who was the first person charged under new safe-zone laws that prohibit protests within 150 metres of abortion clinics in Victoria. She explained that such laws discriminate and violate her right to free speech, and that it shouldn’t deter Christians in standing up for their beliefs. She said that Christians needed to be “militant” and “active” rather than solely relying on prayers within the home. She said that such laws were expected to be seen in a “totalitarian state” rather than a democratic country like Australia. The crowd then marched through Martin Place, and then back towards the Cathedral all whilst saying the Rosary and singing hymns.

  Kathleen Clubb Speech At NSW Parliament House

Although we had faced hot dry 40 degree heat, over 2000 people attended the pro-life “Day Of The Unborn” march. The far-left only managed to pull 20 people to their protest, and behaved in a way that was to be expected. Yelling profanities, brawling with the police, and writing obscene signs such as “if i wanted the church in my vagina, I’d f**k Fred Nile”. This is what the left-wing currently represents; the ugly violent feminist and extremist ideologies that aim to destroy Western civilisation. Over 80 children are killed from abortion everyday in NSW, this procedure will never be OK nor should it ever be supported or promoted. People need to take responsibility and own up to their actions. We need morality and commonsense to once again reign supreme within our communities, and to ensure that radical ideologies are exposed and shunned for the damage they cause to our lives and values.

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Damien Ferri
Senior Editor @ The Unshackled


Madeline Ward Showing Some Real Class
Hersha Kadkol Spewing Hate
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