Anthony Albanese Wants More Money for the ABC


During last week’s parliamentary sitting Labor leader Anthony Albanese asked Scott Morrison if he would give more money to the ABC. The ABC, unlike other competitors, is assured of very generous government funding year in, year out. It is removed from any forces of free-market economics.

The ABC during the uncertain times of COVID-19 has not had to make any sacrifices such as downsizing or temporarily laying off staff. The ABC is comfortable and cozy with the fact that their funding is assured and Labor cheerleaders are now asking for more money for the broadcaster.

The ABC, as I have argued before, ceased being ‘our’ ABC a long time ago. It is heavily supported only by one stream of supporters-the left. Getup, the Greens, the Labor Party and the unions are its biggest fanbase. This audience becomes triggered everytime a member of the Institute of Public Affairs appears on the network.

The ABC has become increasingly disconnected from wider Australia. A trip to Western Sydney in Bankstown is announced to all like they are visiting a foreign country. The ABC represents the voice of the inner city progressives, the caviar socialists and revolutionaries. They are very similar to the Guardian newspaper, us versus the deplorables.

The ABC embraces wokeness and social justice. On every issue whether border protection, immigration, welfare, social policies, education or the environment,  the ABC take a left view. The ABC employs like-minded people. The daily narrative is a dose of post-modernism, critical theory, identity politics and race-baiting.

By law, the ABC must be impartial. The ABC over the past week after the shellacking the High Court on the Pell case still refuse to reflect. When news of the Pell verdict came in, the ABC failed to mention the seven to zero ruling.

The ABC for years pushed David Marr’s publication The Prince and Louise Milligan’s Cardinal which were both hatchet jobs on Pell. They were both frantic pursuits of a man based on wishful fulfilment. Their allegations were very weak and were basically a gullible hacks compendium of errors.

Q&A is heavily slanted with its panel stacked with left-wing views. Questions are pre-loaded. Online comments are inevitably left views. The boss of the ABC, David Henderson says the ABC is impartial and balanced. The ABC needs reform. The ABC is not supposed to be a plaything for the left,  and increasingly the radical left.

It is regular to hear the ABC talk of patriarchal privileges, white privilege, talk up soft-prisoner sentencing, and accuse whites of being all colonizers and being on stolen land. These people, the ABC claim have no morals. The ABC is sounding more like a young social justice warrior at a university who is naive and not mature.

They are increasingly not liking anyone disagreeing with their blinkered view of their progressive ideology while comfortably sheltering within a free-market capitalist system that provides them with a life they could never have under their socialist paradise.

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