AJ+ goes full ISIS Propaganda in Facebook vid


On Friday AJ+ posted a video to their Facebook page using reworked footage taken by the Aleppo Media Center and the White Helmets. The video claims that Russian and Syrian forces deliberately attacked a hospital and an ambulance killing nine children. This will of course be the fourth time that Russian and Syrian forces have been accused of destroying the hospital since February last year, which means that either ISIS have the fastest hospital builders in the world, or this is yet another lie fabricated by ISIS and spread by a willing western media.

The Independent on February 15th 2016.
The Guardian on August 8th 2016.
Al Jazeera on April 3rd 2017

The Aleppo Media Center has been caught in lie after lie about the Syrian civil war, and yet Western media outlets continue to use them as the single source for all their information on Syria. Most famously in the accusation of gas attacks on Aleppo itself by the Syrian government, in a story broken by CNN, the only source of information was the Aleppo Media Center.

The White Helmets are similarly notorious liars repeatedly believed by the likes of CNN, even when they have to print retractions after they’d been fooled, they continue to lap up everything the White Helmets have to offer like gullible idiots.

Calling them gullible idiots might seem harsh or unprofessional, but I’m actually giving them the benefit of the doubt. Because if it is not incompetence that sees CNN repeatedly publish lies from liars in Syria, then it must be a deliberate act, which, if published as news or anything like news, would be fraudulent and therefore criminal.

Eva Bartlett’s famous takedown of the western press for promoting lies about Syria, shared around a few intellectual circles, has largely fallen on deaf ears. The western media continues to promote lies without apology or shame.

AJ+, the hip and trendy arm of Al Jazeera has joined the chorus. The “peace loving” left will of course lap it up. Through the simple math of quantity over quality these lies will be seen as truth. The few voices that dare to speak out will be vilified and have their credibility repeatedly attacked, while the organizations that continue to be actually caught in lies will continue to get away with it.

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