This month on the ABC, our painfully ultra-left public broadcaster is premiering The Australian Dream documentary centred on the “racism” of Adam Goodes AFL booing saga.

Goodes has become the poster child of identity politics and is now portrayed by the left and the Aboriginal superstructure as the second coming of Martin Luther King.

This documentary is simply another lecture about deplorable whitey’s sticking their boots into the oppressed Aboriginals. Another chase for the bogeyman.  One minority amongst dozens chasing that bogeyman. All paid for by taxpayers of course. The activists made Goodes into their spokesman helping him to be the 2014 Australian of the Year.

It was left’s perfect moment to divide us by race and their eternal quest for more funds-perpetual compensation is the name of the game. More platitudes, symbolism, gesturing, street theatre, more sorry days, more NAIDOC weeks, more reconciliation and virtue signalling statements,  projects, awareness campaigns, and virtue signalling. I am sure there are a few I have missed.

Once you examine it all, you realize that making programs and awareness programs work is not the objective. Thought bubbles and programs never were meant to work. Rinse and repeat is the objective.

Treating Aboriginals like infants is a daily occurrence.  No other minority in Australia,  of which there are dozens are treated like infants. So why the Aboriginals? Because the victim industry is a powerful one. Destroying people by endless welfare and then more just to be sure to destroy them is subservience.  This provides many great jobs.

Now, back to the Australian Dream. At the cinema, it was a huge flop. The majority of Australians are fed up with being lectured to and the woke self-appointed speaking on behalf of all Aboriginals. The seats at the cinema were filled with AHRC workers and the many in the Aboriginal industry.

Adam Goodes was not booed because he was half-Aboriginal. He was booed because AFL fans became sick of his promotion of the to the black-armband view of Australian history.

The Australian Dream documentary was preluded by the Final Quarter Documentary aired on Network 10 last year. Following the documentary, Waleed Aly hosted a special episode of the Project where all the panellists agreed the booing was racist and shameful.

You can expect this documentary to be shown to our youth in schools to teach them about how racism in Australia continues today. Make young Aboriginal persons see the Australian Dream over and over again to teach them they are victims.

Then thrown in John Pilger’s Utopia documentary and Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu book into the classroom; then mix in the Stolen Generation myth to complete the job.

Childhood used to be a lot more fun when you were not a pawn for activists and shields. Today’s youth will now be a guinea pig for the next woke idea. 125 genders divided by 3 bathrooms equals how much climate change?

Despite children getting pummelled year in year out in PISA rankings, they will be sacrificed to achieve a cultural Marxist revolution. They will be sacrificed to achieve the UN’s globalist anti-capitalist objectives.  They will continue to be taught tosh and blather despite not being able to properly read and write.

Just like John Pilger’s Utopia, the Australian Dream was a hatchet job with every cliche thrown in- genocide, war, concentration camps, slavery. We never saw a single sign of one but we were told Australians are walking over mass graves. 

No mention of new housing costing taxpayers $500,000 each, new parks, schools, airports, community halls, many non-government and government organisations, mining jobs and plantation work available.

If they are a persecuted minority, I would hate to see an actual factually persecuted one. I am sure ambulance-chasing lawyers may have found Goodes’ words useful and Pilger’s documentary useful, but that was all.

We had around 15 years of ATSIC corruption which saw the organisation disbanded. Today we have the National Congress of First Peoples,  Reconciliation,  Sorry Week, NAIDOC Week, Uluru Statement from the Heart, Welcome to Country and so on.

And of course endless flows of public money including Aboriginal health services, clinics, services, gate takings, sports clubs, quotas, special hunting rights, scholarships, grants,  research funds, awareness campaigns.

Is it any wonder some Aboriginals see Australian society has nothing for them? Endless historical fabrications and evasion of real problems. The lucrative guilt industry never ends. Free money is available to anyone jumping on the taxpayer gravy train.

People think the welfare state which drives the Aboriginal industry is designed to lift living standards and improve lives. It is nothing of the sort. The welfare state is run by elites and is a control, divide and conquer tool to create subservience and serfdom. It is a great industry for those working within it but is as useless as resolving problems as is a fish out of water.

The Reconciliation movement was never about bringing Australia together, but about extortion, white guilt, perpetual compensation and lucrative jobs within a huge superstructure.

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