Many children have been stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown. Schools have been closed and children have been receiving their education through what has been termed “remote learning”.

It is very likely that as part of their new education program, children have been instructed to watch video educational programs. The free-to-air public broadcaster ABC produces and provides much of such content. There is an abundance on the internet of course, but let us just focus on our national broadcaster’s offerings.

With the amount of cultural Marxist propaganda the ABC broadcasts to both adults and children, the ABC Kids daily learning program guide almost looks like this.

0800 Gender confusion and gender-fluidity
0900 Climate catastrophism
1000 Socialism is sharing
1100 Borders are racist
1200 Capitalism is not inclusive
1300 Conservatives are racists
1400 Socialism will work next time
1500 Sexual fetish in the 21st century and trans bathroom rights

The ABC’s coronavirus coverage, like its climate change coverage has been one of alarm and doom: the virus is one of the most deadly to ever plague the earth, keeping citizens under house arrest is the only way to contain it, only greedy rich people worry about an economic depression, the government can just fund the lockdown indefinitely, open borders and a Chinese coverup certainly didn’t spread the virus, only incompetent conservative western governments spread the virus

The values of a culture in the midst of collapse is promoted by the ABC: absence-of-responsibility, envy, blame, identity politics, feminism, feelings over objective truths, welfare reliance, and worship of the state. If objective truth-telling is now a revolutionary act on the ABC, you know they have ventured far-left with PC madness.

If you want to destroy a people you provide them with welfare handouts until their backs are bent over with the weight. Then you add more – just to be sure. Then you give them many days to celebrate, sorry days, self-flagellation for the masses and so on.

But never talk of business, jobs, and education because these things provide self-respect for people. But that is not what the leftist do-gooders and naval gazers wish. They love the goodies and the public trough, the power grabs and all the perks that come with faux outrage (sound familiar ??).

The ABC is an angry left-wing social justice broadcaster. They are anti-rich and anti-wealth creation and come up with solutions akin to medieval bloodletting.  They are anti-achievement and very sincere about bringing down any achievers. After all, they operate with a budget of over AUD$1 billion of other people’s money every year. They receive these funds no matter what their ratings or popularity are.

They are caviar revolutionists and when they visit an outer Sydney suburb like Bankstown, they announce it like they are visiting another nation. They are cushioned smug elites who are perpetually outraged and come up with things like firefighters turning on their wives after fighting fires, trans restroom rights being the biggest civil rights issue of our time. Saint Greta and Adam Goodes are promoted as being on par with Martin Luther King. 

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