For the past three years the patriot/nationalist group known as the “True Blue Crew” have been running an event called the Aussie Flag Pride March where “Australians of all different backgrounds” are invited to grab an Australian flag and march together from the Royal Exhibition Building to Parliament House. These events are held in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

The event was made for anyone who is proud to call themselves Australian to encourage national pride and national community in a time where these types of ideas are coming under more threat from the left-wing establishment who have infiltrated our national institutions.

It is becoming more and more vital not just for Australians but for western countries around the world to uphold their national pride as the Marxist agenda is pushed upon us in many different forms including attempts to supress our freedom of speech and expression.

This rally is a strong example of the people’s rights to express their views and we are still very lucky that such rallies can still occur legally in our country.

However, this event will not be free from opposition.

The far left has exercised their own right to freedom of speech and expression and organised a counter to this. They have been campaigning veraciously in opposition to the Aussie Flag Pride March with poster and door knocking campaigns this month, especially in areas with a high migrant population.

Some of our followers might recognize posters sticky-taped around their local areas, or maybe even the remnants of ones that have been torn down by disagreeing members of the community. I’m looking at you The Young Conservative.

Previous events have led to violent outbreaks and although the police have historically done a good enough job to prevent the violence people are still followed home or break out into fights after the main event has finished.

Despite violence bringing bad optics to both sides, rallies like this can be history in the making. Think back to interwar period Germany, those on either the Freicorps or Spartacists side are widely studied in educational institutions around the world and they will continue to be studied until the next big shift in the political spectrum chooses to erase them from history as we know it for whatever reason.

Now I am under no circumstance encouraging any kind of conflict that resembles that of the Spartacist rebellion of 1919 which saw little less than 200 people killed on on both sides, including their two leaders. However, there is a sense of both honour and glory for standing up for what you believe is right, whether you are going against the flow or remaining loyal to it.

Unlike those who choose to sit on the sidelines on their moral high horse and pretend they are better than everyone for avoiding a solid ideology as ultimately those people end up siding with the victors whether they are aware of it or not.

On behalf of the team at The Unshackled I would like to wish all the best to those on both sides on Sunday, hopefully it remains peaceful and we will be there to cover it live as well as publishing interviews and highlights.

I am going to leave you by quoting a meme template, addressing our current generation with my own spin:

Born too late to explore the world,

Born too early to explore the galaxy,

Born just in time to revolutionise the way we view politics.



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