Book Review: The Sexual Holocaust


The sexual revolution which commenced in the 1960s across most of the Western world was sold as freedom from all hang-ups, sexual and otherwise. Total unfettered freedom was sold to the masses and the revolution promised the moon. The 2020 book The Sexual Holocaust: A Global Crisis by Bridgette Heap documents the consequences of the continuing sexual revolution.

We are now witnessing an unprecedented disaster. This disaster is like a tsunami in that it has appeared very suddenly and has swept across all the nations of the world, creating indescribable chaos and suffering in its wake. However, this disaster is man-made. It stems from the sexual revolution, and it is creating billions of victims.

Billions? Yes, we are talking about billions of sexual victims. In our generation, well over a billion people have become addicted to pornography. During this time, well over a billion people have been infected with one or more sexually transmitted diseases. Likewise, there have been well over a billion people who have been sexually used or abused within our generation. During this time, over a billion in utero lives have been aborted. There have been well over a billion broken marriages/families in our generation. Almost every family on the planet now includes one or more individuals who are victims of the sexual revolution. We are talking about a humanitarian crisis of the highest conceivable magnitude

From The Sexual Holocaust by Bridgette Heap

Almost every family on the planet now includes one or more individuals who are victims of the sexual revolution. We are talking about a humanitarian crisis of the highest conceivable magnitude

It is not in fact a sexual revolution of liberation and is not positive. It is a global crisis of unrestrained sexual behaviours.  People are of course freer to do whatever they please. They are free to view pornography, free to leave their spouses, free to go on hook-ups, free to go to adult venues, free to have multiple partners, free to treat others as objects of their desire, and free to have a human-like robot to fulfill their passions, free to commodity other’s bodies, free to have as many abortions, free to hypersexualise children, free to have unrestrained sexuality and parade it on the streets in front of the public including children. There is endless sexual freedom and you are free to do as you wish. Seeking your own pleasures above the well-being of others, no problem.  

Well, has any of the promises born fruit? Sexual reproductive freedom (abortion) promised us less child abuse, less child exploitation and less illegitimate births. Sexual abuse would disappear.  Well, nation’s child abuse rates have soared after liberal abortion laws and in the nations which are referred to as progressive liberal. Pornography was sold as breaking free of sexual shackles and oppression, but now we have astronomical amount of men and increasingly women addicted to pornography. Many of those addicts are children. Sexual assaults among adolescents and teens has skyrocketed everywhere. 

A non-government nonreligious organization called Fight The New Drug was started up led by scientists, councellors, and behavioral experts. It is trying to raise awareness of pornography use which is now a plague on society. Pornography has a corrosive impact on society in a whole range of ways whether behaviors, impact on the brain, how you interact with others, intimacy with your partner, and is linked to sex trafficking, child abuse, prostitution and increased violence. Those hooked on pornography are more likely to sexually assault others, break up with their spouses, damage relationships with others including their children. The fastest growing pornography sites are incestual-type sites putting children at increased risk. 

Jennifer Morse in her 2018 book The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along discussed how the sexual revolution failed to deliver progress.

The false promise of the sexual revolution is that people are entitled to whatever sexual taste they like and entitled to whatever sexual gratification they like free of any consequences and nothing bad will result. People think sexual acts are essential and a complete entitlement.  Drug and alcohol addictions are directly linked to prostitution and porn-acting. Drugs are used to ease the pain associated with unrestrained sexual lifestyles which often lead to complex addictions involving drugs and sex. Many hook-ups follow heavy alcohol consumption.

Drinking is a vital part of hooking up according to Dr. Lisa Wade in her 2018 book American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus.  A huge fraction of society is indeed hooked on pornography and which is often supplemented by drugs causing increasing havoc. Pornography completely separates sexual function from the person and reduces people to an object of lust and in turn leads to degradation, humiliation, violence, perversion and obsession. All limits in time disappear. Heavy users of pornography are at much higher risks of sex with animals and children. 

Negative social indicators are all off the charts. People are more depressed, more anxious, have more addictions, have been more abused and venereal diseases have exploded. Sexual diseases are the new fruits of unrestrained sexuality and many have diseases that are antibiotic resistant and children can be born with a sexual disease requiring treatment. So we see increasing numbers of sexual disease clinics. But education will reduce the number of those diseases, right? Wrong. More education hasn’t made a dent in those figures. No one is responsible. Liberal progressive nations have all the shocking social indicators too.

According to the organization Invisible Children, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. Many abused children suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, anger, change in eating patterns, eating disorders, truancy, and more. Addiction to drugs and alcohol often follows and they are more likely to go on to abuse others in order to feel under control. 

Tolerance is seen as the highest moral duty and it is the most woke word there is. We are to tolerate and you are a martyr to be placed on a pedestal if you are tolerant. Well now that tolerance now must include drag queens reading to children two years and upwards and hypersexualising children is now progressive. Once a society says love is relative everything becomes permissible including intimate, emotional and physical relationships with non-humans. They are called virtual relationships with robots. Extremely realistic robots are beginning to replace conventional sex toys but also human partners. Technology is offering unlimited options. 

Surrogacy can involve up to five participants-surrogate, the sperm donor, the egg donor, and two prospective parents. A child is nurtured in a womb and then handed over to ‘customers’. In the USA a mother of a gay son has offered their wombs to him and his partner. It is called progressive and love is love. Surrogacy is the commodification of women’s bodies and the commodification of children. Children are ‘purchased’ which degrades a pregnancy to a service and the baby becomes a product. 

Liberalism’s ultimate objective is to remove all consequences and you are entitled to have sex with whoever you like free of consequences.  The social welfare state will pick up the pieces. Children abandoned can be placed in care, and the children can shack up with the leftovers from my new girlfriend’s ex marriage, The unlimited choices are free of consequences and the state can pick up the pieces whether through sexual disease clinics and social welfare costs. Government agencies and welfare offices can pick up the pieces. Children damaged by all this can go on pharmaceutical drugs and see a counsellor.  

The capriciousness of the individual who wishes to act out all his or her sexual needs without limits is what is deemed necessary in today’s society. Any type of relationship is called a family. The culture does not teach control of the sex drive. Instead, it teaches unbridled lust and a right to sexual pleasure from day to night. Professional sex hucksters who claim to be scientific have other ideas. They wish to stimulate children to sexual activity, remove all limitations on them and teach them diversity. 

But don’t be such a puritan. What I watch, what I do, how many hook-ups I have, and how many drugs I take doesn’t hurt anyone. What I watch in my home doesn’t affect anyone. Sexualising children is about diversity and love. It is about acceptance. Unrestrained sexuality doesn’t hurt anyone. We will just create more programs, create more education, provide more abortion services, build more sexual disease clinics, teach the youth that pornography is part of a healthy sexual lifestyle and create any form of relationship and call it a family. Sex education from kindergarten to high school initiates children into hedonistic sexuality.  There is no such thing as abnormal anymore. If a child wants to identify as an animal with some odd fetishes, then we will accept and affirm. We will accept children being genetically engineered and let the child choose their own gender. 

If a society is filled and stimulated by junk, then junk is what it will get and a huge social welfare cost. Society always pays to pick up the pieces. If your appetite is filled with junk, the more junk to fill you up. We are reaping the costs and society is now a train wreck. 

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