If an adult wants to identify as a trans gender non binary fairy floss rainbow Munchkin then that is their choice and I really couldn’t care less but once that adult decides that they want to push their psychological disorder onto children then it becomes my issue. As a parent and concerned citizen I accept the biological facts that you can be nothing other than male or female putting transgender people clearly in the spectrum of suffering a clear mental disorder.

So when adults such as the infamous Roz Ward push their genderless indoctrination on to our children I will call it out for what it is: child abuse and psychological warfare. Yet people will frown upon my reaction, yet it’s the regressive Left and all the Social Justice Warriors who are damaging our children without blinking a eye lid. Whatever happened to letting kids be kids. If it’s not enough that we are confusing them with self identity issues and sexualisation at young ages, where they are clearly not ready emotionally to comprehend the overload of conflicting information coming from the regressive Left then we are doing a great job of creating a guilt complex in them, just as we saw when a Catholic school in Sydney’s west thought it would be a good idea to threaten to take children away from their parents to teach them about Aboriginal injustices from years past.

It’s just crazy the psychological damage these social justice warriors are imparting into our youth. Their childhoods being destroyed as the Left go about indoctrinating and creating the next wave of social justice warriors to push their cultural Marxism agenda. The perfect assembly line of soldiers for the regressive Left.

I think it can’t get worse and then I see someone else pushing the boundaries. Today I read about a transgender mother in Canada that is petitioning the government to have the right to list her child as “gender unknown”, so far the government has resisted. But regardless this child is going to grow up psychologically scarred as it’s mother refuses to accept the biological natural sex of the child. This is clearly Child abuse and a case where the state must step in and say your psychological issue and insecurities with your own sexuality and gender is clearly impacting on the mental health of your child and you clearly are a unfit mother, or father, hmmm I guess its parental title depends on its fragile state of mind on any given day. Let’s just call it non binary care giver, poor child, that’s a mouthful to call out.

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